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2016Panama canal expansion, U.S. trade diversion from west coast seaports and urban innovationPark, ChangKeun; Park, JiYoung
2015Reflections on the innovative city: examining three innovative locations in a knowledge bases frameworkInkinen, Tommi
2015Heterogeneous expectations leading to bubbles and crashes in asset markets: tipping point, herding behavior and group effect in an agent-based modelLee, Sunyoung; Lee, Keun
2015The impact of graduate students on research productivity in KoreaKwon, Ki-seok; Kim, Seok Ho; Park, Tae-sik; Kim, Eun Kyoung; Jang, Duckhee
2016Implementing open innovation concept in social businessSvirina, Anna; Zabbarova, Alfia; Oganisjana, Karine
2016Dynamics from open innovation to evolutionary changeYun, JinHyo Joseph; Won, DongKyu; Park, Kyungbae
2015Public space design of knowledge and innovation spaces: learnings from Kelvin Grove Urban Village, BrisbanePancholi, Surabhi; Yigitcanlar, Tan; Guaralda, Mirko
2016The effect of service innovation on R&D activities and government support systems: the moderating role of government support systems in KoreaKim, Si-jeoung; Kim, Eun-mi; Suh, Yoonkyo; Zheng, ZeKun
2016Cultural correlates of national innovative capacity: a cross-national analysis of national culture and innovation ratesJang, Youngsun; Ko, Youngjoo; Kim, So Young
2016Study for selection of industrial areas suitable to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in KoreaPark, Jun-Hwan; Lee, Bangrae; Moon, Yeong-Ho; Kwon, Lee-Nam