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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Heterogeneous expectations leading to bubbles and crashes in asset markets: tipping point, herding behavior and group effect in an agent-based modelLee, Sunyoung; Lee, Keun
2016Business schools in crisisPhillips, Fred; Hsieh, C. H.; Ingene, C.; Golden, Lonnie
2016The virtues of variety in regional innovation systems and entrepreneurial ecosystemsCooke, Philip
2016Theory of open inclusive innovation for reciprocal, responsive and respectful outcomes: coping creatively with climatic and institutional risksGupta, Anil K.; Dey, Anamika R.; Shinde, Chintan; Mahanta, Hiranmay; Patel, Chetan; Patel, Ramesh; Sahay, Nirma; Sahu, Balram; Vivekanandan, P.; Verma, Sundaram; Ganesham, P.; Kumar, Vivek; Kumar, Vipin; Patel, Mahesh; Tole, Pooja
2016Dynamics from open innovation to evolutionary changeYun, JinHyo Joseph; Won, DongKyu; Park, Kyungbae
2016Innovation capability and its role in enhancing the relationship between TQM practices and innovation performanceYusr, Maha Mohammed
2016Brand relationships and risk: influence of risk avoidance and gender on brand consumptionLee, Seung-Hee; Workman, Jane E.; Jung, Kwangho
2015A study on policy literacy and public attitudes toward government innovation-focusing on Government 3.0 in South KoreaPark, EunHyung; Lee, Jea-wan
2016The effect of service innovation on R&D activities and government support systems: the moderating role of government support systems in KoreaKim, Si-jeoung; Kim, Eun-mi; Suh, Yoonkyo; Zheng, ZeKun
2016Smartness that matters: towards a comprehensive and human-centred characterisation of smart citiesLara, Alexander Prado; Da Costa, Eduardo Moreira; Furlani Zilinscki, Thiago; Yigitcanlar, Tan