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2016Research ethics education in Korea for overcoming culture and value system differences
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 4, S. 1-11
Nho, Hwan-jin
2016Designing dynamically "signature business model" that support durable competitive advantage
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 15, S. 1-21
Čirjevskis, Andrejs
2016Panama canal expansion, U.S. trade diversion from west coast seaports and urban innovation
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 12, S. 1-15
Park, ChangKeun; Park, JiYoung
2016Cultural correlates of national innovative capacity: a cross-national analysis of national culture and innovation rates
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 23, S. 1-16
Jang, Youngsun; Ko, Youngjoo; Kim, So Young
2016What kind of innovations do we need to secure our future?
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 17, S. 1-14
Witt, Ulrich
2016"Open innovation" and "triple helix" models of innovation: can synergy in innovation systems be measured?
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 11, S. 1-12
Leydesdorff, Loet; Ivanova, Inga
2016Configuring an alliance portfolio for eco-friendly innovation in the car industry: Hyundai and Toyota
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 24, S. 1-16
Jeong, Hyeon Joo; Ko, Youngjoo
2016Valuation method by regression analysis on real royalty-related data by using multiple input descriptors in royalty negotiations in Life Science area-focused on anticancer therapies
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 21, S. 1-10
Lee, Jeong Hee; Khee-Su, Bae; Lee, Joon Woo; In, Youngyong; Kwon, Taehoon; Lee, Wangwoo
2016Implementing open innovation concept in social business
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 20, S. 1-10
Svirina, Anna; Zabbarova, Alfia; Oganisjana, Karine
2016An open letter to Mr. Secretary general of the united nations to propose setting up global standards for conquering growth limits of capitalism
In: Band: 2, 2016, Heft: 22, S. 1-4
Yun, JinHyo Joseph; Cooke, Philip; Kodama, Fumio; Phillips, Fred; Gupta, Anil K.; Carrillo Gamboa, Francisco Javier; Krishna, Venni; Lee, Keun; Lee, KongRae; Witt, Ulrich; Lace, Natalja; Choi, SangOk; Jung, KwangHo; Jung, WooSung; Park, KyungBae; Lee, Sam Youl; Park, Jiyoung; Rhee, Jaehoon; Won, DongKyu; Park, Taeho; Yang, Jeongho; Jeong, EuiSeob; Kang, JinWon