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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018The role of problem solving ability on innovative behavior and opportunity recognition in university students
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 4, p. 1-13
Kim, Ji Young; Choi, Dae Soo; Sung, Chang-Soo; Park, Joo Yeon
2018Blockchain government: A next form of infrastructure for the twenty-first century
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 7, p. 1-12
Jun, MyungSan
2018Collaborative workshop between client and agency for open innovation
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 13, p. 1-23
Choi, Hyejeong; Jeon, Youngok; Park, Hyerim; Nah, Ken
2018Open innovation concept: Integrating universities and business in digital age
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 12, p. 1-16
Becker, Boris Alexander; Eube, Cornelia
2018About relationship between business text patterns and financial performance in corporate data
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 3, p. 1-18
Lee, Bangrae; Park, Jun-Hwan; Kwon, Leenam; Moon, Young-Ho; Shin, YoungHo; Kim, GyuSeok; Kim, Han-joon
2018Comparing validity of risk measures on newsvendor models in open innovation perspective
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 1, p. 1-12
Choi, Sungyong; Park, Kyungbae; Shim, Sang-Oh
2018Relation of R&D expense to turnover and number of listed companies in all industrial fields
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 9, p. 1-15
Park, Jun-Hwan; Lee, Bangrae; Moon, Yeong-Ho; Kim, GyuSeok; Kwon, Lee-Nam
2018Enhancing green loyalty towards apparel retail stores: A cross-generational analysis on an emerging market
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 8, p. 1-16
Dabija, Dan Cristian
2018Weak signal detecting of industry convergence using information of products and services of global listed companies: Focusing on growth engine industry in South Korea
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 10, p. 1-19
Kwon, Lee-Nam; Park, Jun-Hwan; Moon, Yeong-Ho; Lee, Bangrae; Shin, YoungHo; Kim, Young-Kuk
2018Multilevel prognosis of logistics chains in case of uncertainty: Information and statistical technologies implementation
In: volume: 4, 2018, issue: 2, p. 1-9
Lukashevich, Nikita; Svirina, Anna; Garanin, Dmitry