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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Climbing up India's manufacturing export ladder: How competitive are intermediate goods?Das, Deb Kusum; Gupta, Neha
2009The Employment Potential of Labor Intensive Industries in India's Organized ManufacturingDas, Deb Kusum; Wadhwa, Deepika; Kalita, Gunajit
2009Do Labor Intensive Industries Generate Employment? Evidence from firm level survey in IndiaDas, Deb Kusum; Kalita, Gunajit
2015Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970 and labour market flexibility: An exploratory assessment of contract labour use in India's formal manufacturingDas, Deb Kusum; Choudhury, Homagni; Singh, Jaivir
2017Factors influencing Indian manufacturing firms' decision to hire contract labourSingh, Jaivir; Das, Deb Kusum; Choudhury, Homagni; Kukreja, Prateek; Abhishek, Kumar
2017Domestic value addition and foreign content: An analysis of India's exports from 1995 to 2011Goldar, Bishwanath; Das, Deb Kusum; Sengupta, Sreerupa; Das, Pilu Chandra
2016Law, skills and the creation of jobs as "contract" work in India: Exploring survey data to make inferences for labour law reformSingh, Jaivir; Das, Deb Kusum; Choudhury, Homagni; Kukreja, Prateek
2009Aggregate Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing: An Application of Domar AggregationDas, Deb Kusum; Kalita, Gunajit
2003Quantifing trade barriers: Has protection declined substantially in Indian manufacturing?Das, Deb Kusum
2003Manufacturing productivity under varying trade regmies: India in the 1980s and 1990sDas, Deb Kusum