Textos para discussão, Departamento de Economia, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

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2018 Do government guarantees really matter in fixed exchange rate regimes?Janot, Marcio Magalhães; Garcia, Márcio Gomes Pinto
2018 Gambling, risk appetite and asset pricingde Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Cordeiro, Daniel; Ribeiro, Ruy Monteiro; Zilberman, Eduardo
2018 Macroprudential policies at work: How do government-owned banks affect credit markets?Capeleti, Paulo; Garcia, Márcio Gomes Pinto; Sanches, Fábio Miessi
2017 Money and politics: The effects of campaign spending limits on political competition and incumbency advantageAvis, Eric; do Amaral, Claudio A. Ferraz; Finan, Frederico S.; Varjão, Carlos
2017 Negócios britânicos no Brasil: Da maturidade à irrelevância, 1850-1950de Paiva Abreu, Marcelo
2017 Os efeitos da incerteza sobre a atividade econômica no Brasilde Menezes Barboza, Ricardo; Zilberman, Eduardo
2017 Transitions in central bank leadershipde Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Flórido, Tiago; Zilberman, Eduardo
2017 Frustration and voting behavior: Evidence from stock market datade Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Zilberman, Eduardo
2017 Whose "pound of flesh"? Egyptian sterling balances, 1939-1958de Paiva Abreu, Marcelo
2017 O Brasil Império e a economia mundialde Paiva Abreu, Marcelo
2017 A dívida externa dos estados brasileiros, 1881-1943de Paiva Abreu, Marcelo
2017 América Latina: O contexto externo, 1928-1982de Paiva Abreu, Marcelo
2016 ARCO: an artificial counterfactual approach for high-dimensional panel time-series datade Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Masini, Ricardo; Medeiros, Marcelo Cunha
2016 Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption? Estimating the Impacts of Exposing Corrupt PoliticiansAvis, Eric; Ferraz do Amaral, Claudio A.; Finan, Frederico S.
2016 Apprenticeship as a stepping stone to beter jobs: Evidence from brazilian matched employer-employee dataCorseuil, Carlos Henrique; Foguel, Miguel N.; Gonzaga, Gustavo
2016 Demographics and Real Interest Rates: Inspecting the Mechanismde Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Ferrero, Andrea; Nechio, Fernanda
2016 Is There an Output Free Lunch for Fiscal Inationary Policies?Andrade, Moises S.; Berriel, Tiago
2016 The perils of Counterfactual Analysis with Integrated Processesde Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Masini, Ricardo; Medeiros, Marcelo Cunha
2016 Measuring the Effect of the Zero Lower Bound on Monetary Policyde Carvalho, Carlos Viana; Hsu, Eric; Nechio, Fernanda
2015 l1-Regularization of High-Dimensional Time-Series Models with Flexible InnovationsMedeiros, Marcelo C.; Mendes, Eduardo F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 670