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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Unpacking neighborhood effects: Experimental evidence from a large-scale housing program in BrazilBelchior, Carlos Alberto; Gonzaga, Gustavo; Ulyssea, Gabriel
2022Natural disasters support authoritarian populism: Evidence from the Brazilian shrimp voteBaerlocher, Diogo; Caldas, Renata de Melo; Calcavanti, Francisco; Schneider, Rodrigo
2022International macroeconomic vulnerabilityVelloso, João; Garcia, Márcio Gomes Pinto; Guillen, Diogo; Ribeiro, Bernardo
2022Monetary policy and liquidity management with an endogenous interbank networkCarpizo, Luiz; Hiller, Timo
2022Fiscal space in an era of central bank activismMaia, Guido; Garcia, Márcio Gomes Pinto; Maia, Pedro
2021The proper use of Google Trends in forecasting modelsMedeiros, Marcelo C.; Pires, Henrique
2021Jumps in stock prices: New insights from old dataJohnson, James A.; Medeiros, Marcelo C.; Paye, Bradley S.
2021Short-term Covid-19 forecast for latecomersMedeiros, Marcelo C.; Street, Alexandre; Valladão, Davi; Vasconcelos, Gabriel; Zilberman, Eduardo
2021Persistent monetary non-neutrality in an estimated menu-cost model with partially costly informationBonomo, Marco Antonio; Viana de Carvalho, Carlos; Garcia, René; Malta, Vivian; Rigato, Rodolfo
2021Price selectionViana de Carvalho, Carlos; Kryvtsov, Oleksiy
2021Residual based nodewise regression in factor models with ultra-high dimensions: Analysis of mean-variance portfolio efficiency and estimation of out-of-sample and constrained maximum Sharpe ratiosCaner, Mehmet; Medeiros, Marcelo C.; Vasconcelos, Gabriel F. R.
2021Multi-product pricing: Theory and evidence from large retailersBonomo, Marco Antonio; Viana de Carvalho, Carlos; Kryvtsov, Oleksiy; Ribon, Sigal; Rigato, Rodolfo
2021Ignorance is bliss: Voter education and alignment in distributive politicsBoffa, Federico; Cavalcanti, Francisco; Piolatto, Amedeo
2021Bridging factor and sparse modelsFan, Jianqing; Masini, Ricardo; Medeiros, Marcelo C.
2021Lockdown effects in US states: an artificial counterfactual approachCarneiro, Carlos B.; Ferreira, Iuri H.; Medeiros, Marcelo C.; Pires, Henrique F.; Zilberman, Eduardo
2021From zero to hero: Realized partial (co)variancesBollerslev, Tim; Medeiros, Marcelo C.; Patton, Andrew J.; Quaedvlieg, Rogier
2021Taylor rule estimation by OLSViana de Carvalho, Carlos; Eusepi, Stefano; Mönch, Emanuel; Preston, Bruce
2021Anchored inflation expectationsViana de Carvalho, Carlos; Eusepi, Stefano; Mönch, Emanuel; Preston, Bruce
2020Regularized estimation of high-dimensional vector autoregressions with weakly dependent innovationsMasini, Ricardo P.; Medeiros, Marcelo C.; Mendes, Eduardo F.
2020Targeting in adaptive networksHiller, Timo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 699