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Gavurová, Beáta
Vagašová, Tatiana
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[Journal:] Health Economics Review [ISSN:] 2191-1991 [Volume:] 6 [Issue:] 21 [Publisher:] Springer [Place:] Heidelberg [Year:] 2016 [Pages:] 1-12
Springer, Heidelberg
Background: The aim of paper is to analyse the development of standardised mortality rates for ischemic heart diseases in relation to the income inequality in the regions of Slovakia. This paper assesses different types of income indicators, such as mean equivalised net income per household, Gini coefficient, unemployment rate, at risk of poverty threshold (60 % of national median), S80/S20 and their effect on mortality. Methods: Using data from the Slovak mortality database 1996-2013, the method of direct standardisation was applied to eliminate variances resulted from differences in age structures of the population across regions and over time. To examine the relationships between income indicators and standardised mortality rates, we used the tools of descriptive statistics and methods of correlation and regression analysis. Results: At first, we show that Slovakia has the worst values of standardised mortality rates for ischemic heart diseases in EU countries. Secondly, mortality rates are significantly higher for males compared with females. Thirdly, mortality rates are improving from Eastern Slovakia to Western Slovakia; additionally, high differences in the results of variability are seen among Slovak regions. Finally, the unemployment rate, the poverty rate and equivalent disposable income were statistically significant income indicators. Conclusions: Main contribution of paper is to demonstrate regional differences between mortality and income inequality, and to point out the long-term unsatisfactory health outcomes.
Standardised mortality rate
schemic heart diseases
Income inequality
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