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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019The global economy and the euro area: Weak international trade, robust domestic demand
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 11/12, p. 100-101
Michelsen, Claus; Baldi, Guido; Dany-Knedlik, Geraldine; Engerer, Hella; Gebauer, Stefan; Rieth, Malte
2019Language skills and employment rate of refugees in Germany improving with time
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 4/6, p. 49-61
Brücker, Herbert; Croisier, Johannes; Kosyakova, Yuliya; Kröger, Hannes; Pietrantuono, Giuseppe; Rother, Nina; Schupp, Jürgen
2019Italy must foster high growth industries
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 7/9, p. 65-74
Gebauer, Stefan; Kritikos, Alexander S.; Kriwoluzky, Alexander; Mattes, Anselm; Rieth, Malte
2019High-priced and dangerous: Nuclear power is not an option for the climate-friendly energy mix
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 30, p. 235-243
Wealer, Ben; Bauer, Simon; Göke, Leonard; von Hirschhausen, Christian R.; Kemfert, Claudia
2019Minimum wage: Many entitled employees in Germany still do not receive it
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 28/29, p. 223-231
Fedorets, Alexandra; Grabka, Markus M.; Schröder, Carsten
2019Fear of stigmatization prevents individuals from claiming benefits
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 26/27, p. 215-220
Friedrichsen, Jana; Schmacker, Renke
2019Public investment a key prerequisite for private sector activity
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 31, p. 255-261
Clemens, Marius; Goerge, Marius; Michelsen, Claus
2019German economy needs to invest more in knowledge capital
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 31, p. 247-253
Belitz, Heike; Gornig, Martin
2019Heat Monitor 2018: Rising heating energy demand, thermal retrofit rate must increase
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 35/36, p. 303-312
Singhal, Puja; Stede, Jan
2019At opposite poles: How the success of the Green Party and AfD reflects the geographical and social cleavages in Germany
In: volume: 9, 2019, issue: 34, p. 289-300
Franz, Christian; Fratzscher, Marcel; Kritikos, Alexander