ECIPE Policy Briefs, European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)

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2017 New coalitions for Europe's digital future: Building capacity, improving performanceErixon, Fredrik; Lamprecht, Philipp
2017 Standard essential patents and the quest for faster diffusion of technologyErixon, Fredrik; Bauer, Matthias
2017 Europe's obesity challengeErixon, Fredrik
2016 Unleashing internal data flows in the EU: An economic assessment of data localisation measures in the EU member statesBauer, Matthias; Ferracane, Martina F.; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk; Van der Marel, Erik
2016 The UK referendum: And the future of the European ProjectDe Jonquières, Guy
2016 Financial repression and the debt build-up in China: Is there a way out?Campanella, Miriam
2016 Innovation and the economics of healthcare: The case of blood cancerErixon, Fredrik
2016 Xi Jinping's long road to somewhere? China's OBOR initiative and how Europe should respondDe Jonquières, Guy
2016 Europe in the Trumpworld: EU trade and security under the new US executiveErixon, Fredrik; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2016 China in the global economy: Leaping dragon or paper tiger?De Jonquières, Guy
2016 The EU and China. Redressing: An unbalanced relationshipDe Jonquières, Guy
2015 Data localisation in Russia: A self-imposed sanctionBauer, Matthias; Hosuk, Lee-Makiyama; Van der Marel, Erik; Verschelde, Bert
2015 The European Union's China policy: Priorities and strategies for the new commissionDe Jonquières, Guy
2015 Sectoral and plurilateral approaches in services negotiations: Before and after TISANakatomi, Michitaka
2015 Whither the World Trade Organisation? Perspective of key WTO ambassadors on current challenges in global trade talksKatz, Sherman
2015 New Zealand: The EU's Asia-Pacific partnership and the case for a next generation FTALee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2015 Turning China's money reserves into capitalCampanella, Miriam L.
2015 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: An accident reportVastine, J. Robert; Jensen, J. Bradford; Lee-Makiyama, Hosuk
2015 A digital strategy for EuropeMaçães, Bruno
2015 Building value: The role of trademarks for economic developmentErixon, Fredrik; Salfi, Maria
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 91