Economics Working Paper Series, CER-ETH – Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich

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2018 Carbon pricing, technology transition, and skill-based developmentBorissov, Kirill; Bretschger, Lucas; Vinogradova, Alexandra
2018 The intergenerational incidence of green tax reformRausch, Sebastian; Yonezawa, Hidemichi
2018 Stranded assets: How policy uncertainty affects capital, growth, and the environmentBretschger, Lucas; Soretz, Susanne
2018 Incentive pay for policy-makers?Britz, Volker; Ebrahimi, Afsoon; Gersbach, Hans
2018 Transport policies in a two-sided marketColesanti Senni, Chiara; Reidt, Noe
2018 Does higher energy efficiency lower economy-wide energy use?Rausch, Sebastian; Schwerin, Hagen
2018 Economic rationales for investments in scienceGersbach, Hans; Schetter, Ulrich; Schneider, Maik T.
2018 Behavioral anomalies and energy-related individual choices: The role of status-quo biasBlasch, Julia; Daminato, Claudio
2018 Impact of religious participation, social interactions and globalisation on meat consumption: Evidence from IndiaFilippini, Massimo; Srinivasan, Suchita
2018 Permit markets, carbon prices and the creation of innovation clustersGersbach, Hans; Riekhof, Marie-Catherine
2018 Changing background risk and risk-taking: Evidence from the fieldKleemann, Linda; Riekhof, Marie-Catherine
2018 The impact of green preferences on the relevance of history versus expectationsSchäfer, Andreas; Stünzi, Anna
2018 Optimal carbon policies in a dynamic heterogenous worldBorissov, Kirill; Bretschger, Lucas
2018 Identification of causal intensive margin effects by difference-in-difference methodsHersche, Markus; Moor, Elias
2018 Escaping Damocles' sword: Endogenous climate shocks in a growing economyBretschger, Lucas; Vinogradova, Alexandra
2018 Swap bonds or stocks, or balance trade!: A game of implicit environmental policySchwerin, Hagen
2018 The incidence of coarse certification: Evidence from the ENERGY STAR ProgramHoude, Sébastien
2018 Macroprudential policy in the New Keynesian worldGersbach, Hans; Hahn, Volker; Liu, Yulin
2018 Bunching with the stars: How firms respond to environmental certificationHoude, Sébastien
2018 Empower the consumer!: Energy-related financial literacy and its socioeconomic determinantsBlasch, Julia; Boogen, Annina Angelina; Daminato, Claudio; Filippini, Massimo
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 21 bis 40 von 308