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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Going beyond tradition: Estimating residential electricity demand using an appliance index and energy servicesBoogen, Nina; Datta, Souvik; Filippini, Massimo
2014Stochastic Frontier Models for Long Panel Data Sets: Measurement of the "Underlying Energy Efficiency" for the OECD CountriesFilippini, Massimo; Tosetti, Elisa
2014Persistent and Transient Productive Inefficiency: A Maximum Simulated Likelihood ApproachFilippini, Massimo; Greene, William
2014Does the Swiss Car Market Reward Fuel Efficient Cars? Evidence from Hedonic Pricing Regressions, Matching and a Regression Discontinuity DesignAlberini, Anna; Bareit, Markus; Filippini, Massimo
2013Measurement of the “Underlying energy efficiency” in Chinese provincesFilippini, Massimo; Zhang, Lin
2015The regional impact of a CO2 tax on gasoline demand: a spatial econometric approachFilippini, Massimo; Heimsch, Fabian
2017A note on the different interpretation of the correlation parameters in the Bivariate Probit and the Recursive Bivariate ProbitFilippini, Massimo; Greene, William; Kumar, Nilkanth; Martinez-Cruz, Adan
2017Narrowing the energy efficiency gap: The impact of educational programs, online support tools and energy-related investment literacyBlasch, Julia; Filippini, Massimo; Kumar, Nilkanth; Martinez-Cruz, Adan
2017The Impact of Ambient Air Pollution on Hospital AdmissionsFilippini, Massimo; Masiero, Giuliano; Steinbach, Sandro
2017The Effect of Culture on Energy Efficient Vehicle OwnershipFilippini, Massimo; Wekhof, Tobias