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2024Boosting sluggish climate policy: Endogenous substitution, learning, and energy efficiency improvementsBretschger, Lucas; Leuthard, Matthias; Miftakhova, Alena
2024De-biasing electric vehicle adoption with personalized nudgingBernardic, Ursa; Cerruti, Davide; Filippini, Massimo; Savelsberg, Jonas; Ugazio, Giuseppe
2024The importance of tipping points for sustainable developmentBretschger, Lucas; Leuthard, Matthias
2023How regulation might fail to reduce energy consumption while still stimulating total factor productivity growthBansal, Sangeeta; Filippini, Massimo; Srinivasan, Suchita
2023Firm heterogeneity, industry dynamics and climate policyJo, Ara; Karydas, Christos
2023Fiscal costs of climate change in the United StatesBarrage, Lint
2023Social policies and adaptation to extreme weather: Evidence from South AfricaSrinivasan, Suchita
2023Overcoming the carbon trap: Climate policy and technology tippingBretschger, Lucas; Komarov, Evgenij; Leuthard, Matthias
2023The economic impact of tropical cyclones: Case studies in general equilibriumLehtomaa, Jere; Renoir, Clément
2023Competition between strategic data intermediaries with implications for merger policyBounie, David; Dubus, Antoine; Waelbroeck, Patrick
2023Impact of monetary incentives on the adoption of direct load control electricity tariffs by residential consumersCerrutia, Davide; Filippini, Massimo; Marchioro, Flora; Savelsberg, Jonas
2023Adoption of battery electric vehicles: The role of government incentives and solar PVCerruti, Davide; Filippini, Massimo; Savelsberg, Jonas
2023Patent protection and the transition to clean technologyAlsina-Pujols, Maria; Hovdahl, Isabel
2023All inclusive climate policy in a growing economy: The role of human healthBretschger, Lucas; Komarov, Evgenij
2023The macroeconomics of clean energy subsidiesCasey, Gregory; Jeon, Woongchan; Traeger, Christian
2022Expect the worst, hope for the best: The valuation of climate risks and opportunities in sovereign bondsBingler, Julia Anna
2022Disagreement aversionBommier, Antoine; Fabre, Adrien; Goussebaïle, Arnaud; Heyen, Daniel
2022Democratic climate policies with overlapping generationsGoussebaïle, Arnaud
2022Policy reforms and the amount of checks & balancesGersbach, Hans; Tejada, Oriol; Wagner, Julia
2022Land consolidation reforms: A natural experiment on the economic and political effects of agricultural mechanizationLoumeau, Gabriel
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 371