ICAE Working Paper Series, Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy (ICAE), Johannes Kepler University Linz

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 Theory and empirics of capability accumulation: Implications for macroeconomic modellingAistleitner, Matthias; Gräbner, Claudius; Hornykewycz, Anna
2020 Konzernmacht in globalen GüterkettenKapeller, Jakob; Gräbner, Claudius
2020 Who are the economists Germany listens to? The social structure of inluential German economistsPuehringer, Stephan; Beyer, Karl
2020 Capability accumulation and product innovation: an agent-based perspectiveGräbner, Claudius; Hornykewycz, Anna
2020 Substituting trust by technology: A comparative studyRath, Johanna
2020 Pandemic pushes polarisation: The Corona crisis and macroeconomic divergence in the EurozoneGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob
2020 Zwischen Meritokratie und WohlfahrtschauvinismusBeyer, Karl; Griesser, Markus; Pühringer, Stephan
2020 Exploring the trade (policy) narratives in economic elite discourseAistleitner, Matthias; Pühringer, Stephan
2019 Pluralism in economics: its critiques and their lessonsGräbner, Claudius; Strunk, Birte
2019 Defining institutions - A review and a synthesisGräbner, Claudius; Ghorbani, Amineh
2019 Export performance, price competitiveness and technology: Revisiting the Kaldor paradoxGräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapeller, Jakob
2019 Employment and the minimum wage: A pluralist approachSchütz, Bernhard
2019 Die Wirkmacht der "Liebe zum Markt": Zum anhaltenden Einluss ordoliberaler ÖkonomInnen-Netzwerke in Politik und GesellschaftPühringer, Stephan; Ötsch, Walter
2019 Conflict as a closure: A Kaleckian model of growth and distribution under financializationRaghavendra, Srinivas; Piiroinen, Petri T.
2019 Economic polarisation in Europe: Causes and policy optionsKapeller, Jakob; Gräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp
2019 Exploring the trade narrative in top economics journalsAistleitner, Matthias; Pühringer, Stephan
2019 Wirtschaftliche Polarisierung in Europa: Ursachen und HandlungsoptionenKapeller, Jakob; Gräbner, Claudius; Heimberger, Philipp
2019 Trade models in the European UnionGräbner, Claudius; Tamesberger, Dennis; Heimberger, Philipp; Kapelari, Timo; Kapeller, Jakob
2019 Vorschlag für eine Jobgarantie für Langzeitarbeitslose in ÖsterreichTamesberger, Dennis; Theurl, Simon
2019 Rank correction: A new approach to differential non-response in wealth survey dataWildauer, Rafael; Kapeller, Jakob
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 102