ICAE Working Paper Series, Institute for Comprehensive Analysis of the Economy (ICAE), Johannes Kepler University Linz

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2024The micro-macro link in heterodox economicsGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Kapeller, Jakob
2023Endogenous heterogeneous gender norms and the distribution of paid and unpaid work in an intra-household bargaining modelHager, Theresa; Mellacher, Patrick; Rath, Magdalena
2023Gendered competitive practices in economics: A multi-layer model of women's underrepresentationHager, Theresa; Pühringer, Stephan
2023Degrowth and the global South: The twin problem of global dependenciesGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Strunk, Birte
2023Wie viel Wettbewerb wollen wir (uns leisten)? Zur Verwettbewerblichung der Universitäten in Österreich und darüber hinausPühringer, Stephan
2023Dilemmata marktliberaler Globalisierung: Globale Freiheit durch globalen Wettbewerb?Kapeller, Jakob; Hubmann, Georg
2023Organizers and promotors of academic competition? The role of (academic) social networks and platforms in the competitization of sciencePühringer, Stephan; Wolfmayr, Georg
2023Competitive performativity of (academic) social networks: The subjectivation of competition on ResearchGate, Google Scholar and TwitterPühringer, Stephan; Wolfmayr, Georg
2023The charm of emission trading: Ideas of German public economists on economic policy in times of crisesReinke, Rouven; Porak, Laura
2023The three faces of competitization: From marketization to a multiplicity of competitionAltreiter, Carina; Gräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Pühringer, Stephan; Rogojanu, Ana; Wolfmayr, Georg
2022Elements of an evolutionary approach to comparative economic studies: Complexity, systemism, and path dependent developmentGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius
2022The authors of economics journals revisited: Evidence from a large-scale replication of Hodgson & Rothman (1999)Aistleitner, Matthias; Kapeller, Jakob; Kronberger, Dominik
2022Winning urban competition with a social agenda: The competition imaginary in Viennese urban development plansAltreiter, Carina; Azevedo, Susanna; Porak, Laura; Pühringer, Stephan; Wolfmayr, Georg
2022It's the End of Globalization as We Know It! Zeitgemäße Betrachtungen zur politischen Ökonomik der GlobalisierungskriseReiner, Christian
2022The emergence of debt and secular stagnation in an unequal society: A stock-flow consistent agent-based approachGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Hornykewycz, Anna; Schütz, Bernhard
2022Degrowth and the Global South? How institutionalism can complement a timely discourse on ecologically sustainable development in an unequal worldGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Strunk, Birte
2022Hat die ökonomische Macht von Unternehmen in Österreich zugenommen?Reiner, Christian; Bellak, Christian
2022Development and interdisciplinarity: Re-examining the "economics silo"Aistleitner, Matthias
2022Investment booms, diverging competitiveness and wage growth within a monetary union: An AB-SFC modelSchütz, Bernhard
2022Competing for sustainability? An institutionalist analysis of the new development model of the European UnionGräbner-Radkowitsch, Claudius; Hager, Theresa; Hornykewycz, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 145