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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014Invention in energy technologies: Comparing energy efficiency and renewable energy inventions at the firm levelRexhäuser, Sascha; Löschel, Andreas
2014The long-term impact of matching and rebate subsidies when public goods are impure: Field experimental evidence from the carbon offsetting marketKesternich, Martin; Löschel, Andreas; Römer, Daniel
2014Improving voluntary public good provision by a non-governmental, endogenous matching mechanism: Experimental evidenceReif, Christiane; Rübbelke, Dirk; Löschel, Andreas
2014Designing an emissions trading scheme for China: An up-to-date climate policy assessmentHübler, Michael; Löschel, Andreas; Voigt, Sebastian
2001Environmental taxation and structural change in an open economy: a CGE analysis with imperfect competition and free entryBöhringer, Christoph; Welsch, Heinz; Löschel, Andreas
2013Linking price and quantity pollution controls under uncertaintyWood, Peter J.; Heindl, Peter; Jotzo, Frank; Löschel, Andreas
2013Did Fukushima matter? Empirical evidence of the demand for climate protection in GermanyGallier, Carlo; Löschel, Andreas; Sturm, Bodo
2001Technological change in economic models of environmental policy: a surveyLöschel, Andreas
2013Trade and the environment: An application of the WIOD databaseLöschel, Andreas; Rexhäuser, Sascha; Schymura, Michael
2013Revealed preferences for climate protection when the purely individual perspective is relaxed: Evidence from a framed field experimentLöschel, Andreas; Sturm, Bodo; Uehleke, Reinhard