28th European Regional ITS Conference, Passau 2017

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28th European Regional ITS Conference (Passau 2017)
Passau, Germany, 30th July – 2nd August 2017

"Competition and Regulation in the Information Age"

The information age, where information and data have become a crucial good and production factor, has brought about several business disruptions in the telecommunications and media industries. This includes the phenomenon of digital convergence, which has caused the boundaries between traditionally distinct regulatory realms, such as communications and media services but also between communications and information services, to become blurred. This has not only fundamentally changed how we communicate, and how we consume (digital) goods, but possibly also implies fundamental changes on how these markets should be regulated. In this vein, new business models and regulation associated with digital convergence also bring about several opportunities and challenges, e.g., for designing a smarter world (e.g., in the context of smart cities and smart grids), for closing the digital divide (e.g., zero-rated information services), or for empowering and protecting consumers (e.g., consumer privacy). The 28th European Regional ITS Conference aims to address these and related issues, from a regulatory as well as a consumer and firm perspective, as well as their implications for Europe’s dynamic information and telecommunications market. It brings together academics, policy makers, users and operators to discuss opportunities and challenges for the evolution of the European information infrastructure and its role in the wider world.

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2017 An App for Every Step: A psychological perspective on interoperability of Mobile Messenger AppsArnold, René; Schneider, Anna
2017 More than Words: A global analysis of the socio-economic impact of Rich Interaction Applications (RIAs)Arnold, René; Hildebrandt, Christian; Tas, Serpil; Kroon, Peter
2017 An analysis of the structure, actors and interrelationships producing Luxembourg's ICT ecosystemBinsfeld, Nico; Whalley, Jason; Pugalis, Lee
2017 Network sharing and 5G in Europe: The potential benefits of using SDN or NFVMarcus, J. Scott; Molnar, Gabor
2017 Instability of Broadband Policies in the U.S. Compared to CanadaCherry, Barbara A.
2017 The Future of International Radio Regulations: Transformation Towards SharingEl-Moghazi, Mohamed; Whalley, Jason; Irvine, James
2017 Impact of competition and regulation on prices of mobile services: Evidence from FranceGrzybowski, Lukasz; Nicolle, Ambre; Zulehner, Christine
2017 An Overview of different Business Models for public Wi-Fi and their Implications on Indirect RevenueKaiser, Tobias Werner; Verbrugge, Sofie; Van der Wee, Marlies; Colle, Didier
2017 Regional Telecommunications Policy and ASEAN's response to Convergence and Over-the-top (OTT) servicesJirakasem, Monarat; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017 The Rise of Broadband as an Essential Utility and Emergent Concepts in Universal Access in Advanced Economies: Perspectives from CanadaRajabiun, Reza
2017 The beta in the WACC for regulated fixed and mobile telecommunica-tions services: Its role and robust estimationSchmitt, Stephan; Neu, Werner
2017 Cost Analysis of a 5G Network with Multi-Tenancy OptionsSchneir, Juan Rendon; Konstantinou, Kostas; Bradford, Julie; Zimmermann, Gerd; Droste, Heinz; Canto, Rafael; Ajibulu, Ade
2017 Communications Act 2021Lehr, William; Sicker, Douglas
2017 A Conjoint Analysis on e-book Market in JapanUeda, Masashi
2017 Mobile communications: On standards, classifications and generationsTadayoni, Reza; Henten, Anders; Sørensen, Jannick
2017 Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2017 Willingness-to-pay for FTTH for secured and stable usage of OTT media streaming servicesSudtasan, Tatcha; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017 OTT-Messaging and Mobile Telecommunication: A Joint Market? An Empirical ApproachWellmann, Nicolas
2017 Interconnection and PrioritizationBaake, Pio; Sudaric, Slobodan
2017 Follow The Money: Piracy and Online AdvertisingBatikas, Michail; Claussen, Jörg; Peukert, Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 63
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