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Mohelska, Hana
Sokolova, Marcela
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[Journal:] Amfiteatru Economic Journal [ISSN:] 2247-9104 [Volume:] 19 [Year:] 2017 [Issue:] 46 [Pages:] 853-865
Rivalry among companies is increasing nowadays . Companies try to gain every possible advantage over their rivals and this very often means using a creative approach, for example, drawing from such resources as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR strategy is based on three fundamental pillars - economic, social and environmental (triplebottom- line), which express the key themes, programs, through which the strategy is implemented. Although, the key corporate responsibility is profit making, the CSR implementation in corporate vision contributes to company’s development. CSR can he lp increase business credibility, but it can also have significant internal effects due to innovation, readiness for future customer demands, employee motivation and loyalty. The primary objective of the paper is to explore organizational culture in connection with the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility concept in companies in the Czech Republic. The outputs are supported by the results of an extensive studies conducted in 2013 and 2015, exploring the organizational culture of companies in the Czech Republic. The results obtained are interpreted and compared in the context of development trends described in domestic and foreign scientific publications.
organizational culture
Corporate Social Responsibility
open innovation
business strategy
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