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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Study on the Development of Quality Measurements Models for Steering Business Services in Relation to Customer SatisfactionMarquardt, Katrin; Olaru, Marieta; Ceausu, Ioana
2014Responsibility to Customers in the Context of Public Value Management – a German Case StudyBodemann, Markus; Olaru, Marieta
2011Social Responsibility Concerns of SMEs in Romania, from the Perspective of the Requirements of the EFQM European Excellence ModelOlaru, Marieta; Stoleriu, Ghiorghiţa; Şandru, Ioana Maria Diana
2011The Impact of the Implementation of ISO 9000 Quality Management System on the Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Process by the Romanian SMEsOlaru, Marieta; Stoleriu, Ghiorghita; Langa, Claudia; Flood, Ionela
2009Performance Assessment of the Training Service Providers in Romania related to the Criteria of the Common Quality Assurance FrameworkOlaru, Marieta; Albescu, Felicia; Paraschiv, Dorel; Stoleriu, Ghiorghita; Langa, Claudia Adriana
2010Responsible Commercial Activity Of Smes And Specific Values Of Sustainable Development In Terms Of The European Excellence ModelOlaru, Marieta; Dinu, Vasile; Stoleriu, Ghiorghiţa; Şandru, Diana; Dincă, Violeta
2017The effect of sustainable investments to the economic objectives of the company in relation to the total quality managementSchmid, Jochen; Olaru, Marieta; Verjel, Ana-Maria
2016From Intuitive Programming of Robotic Systems to Business Sustainability of Manufacturing SMEsMocan, Bogdan; Fulea, Mircea; Olaru, Marieta; Buchmüller, Melanie
2015Fostering Entrepreneurial Investment Decision in Medical Technology Ventures in a Changing Business EnvironmentKeppler, Sonja Bettina; Olaru, Marieta; Marin, Georgiana
2015Study on the Open Innovation Practices in Romanian SMEsOlaru, Marieta; Dinu, Vasile; Keppler, Timo; Mocan, Bogdan; Mateiu, Alexander