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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Interdependence of Competition Policy, Consumer Policy and Regulation in Introducing and Safeguarding Effective Competition in the EU Telecommunications MarketBartels, Andreas; Pleșea, Doru Alexandru; Studeny, Michael; Just, Vanessa
2017Competition and Consumer Protection in the Romanian Banking SectorIacovoiu, Viorela; Stancu, Adrian
2017Responsible Consumption – Source of Competitive Advantages and Solution for Tourist ProtectionEpura, Gheorghe; Tescațiu, Bianca; Todor, Raluca Dania; Sasu, Karin-Andreea
2017Testing the Level of Alternative Institutions as a Slowdown Factor of Economic Development: the Case of MontenegroDraškovic, Mimo; Bauk, Sanja; Streimikiene, Dalia; Draskovic, Veselin
2017Innovation. An Instrument for Development of CompaniesNica, Ana-Maria; Stancu, Ion; Stancu, Dumitra
2017Models and Practice of Retail Location on the Romanian MarketCazabat, Gerard; Belu, Mihaela Gabriela; Popa, Ioan; Paraschiv, Dorel Mihai
2017The Dangers of Dispersal of ResponsibilitiesBurlea, Adriana Schiopoiu; Remmé, Joop
2017Explaining Satisfaction at a Foreign Tourism Destination – an Intra-Generational Approach. Evidence within Generation Y from South Africa and RomaniaHaydam, Norbert; Purcarea, Theodor; Edu, Tudor; Negricea, Iliuta Costel
2017An Empirical Study on the Migration Among Young Skilled and Creative PeopleSuciu, Marta-Christina; Florea, Cristina Andreea
2017Competition Policy in the European Film Industry Focused on Consumers' Interests – a Romanian PerspectiveNistoreanu, Puiu; Dinca, Violeta Mihaela; Șchiopu, Andreea Fortuna