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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011Corporate Social Responsibility – Opportunity for Reconciliation between Economical Interests and Social and Environmental InterestsDinu, Vasile
2011A Corporate Model of Similitude for SMEs Reunion into a Corporation, Viewed from the Angle of Physical Thought, and Its Complex Economic and Social ImpactSăvoiu, Gheorghe; Manea, Constantin; Simăn, Victor Iorga; Enescu, Florentina Magda; Čudanov, Mladen
2011Universities as Suppliers of Entrepreneurship Education Services. The Cases of The University of Seville and The Academy of Economic Studies in BucharestRomero, Isidoro; Petrescu, Raluca Mariana; Balalia (Iosif), Alina Elena
2011An Investigation Regarding the Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility Information for Listed Companies from RomaniaDumitru, Valentin; Ionescu, Iuliana; Calu, Adriana; Oancea, Mirela
2011Social Responsibility Concerns of SMEs in Romania, from the Perspective of the Requirements of the EFQM European Excellence ModelOlaru, Marieta; Stoleriu, Ghiorghiţa; Şandru, Ioana Maria Diana
2011Partnership in Social Marketing Programs. Socially Responsible Companies and Non-Profit Organizations' Engagement in Solving Society's ProblemsŞerban, Corina
2011Social Responsibility Practices Regarding Facilities Granted to Employees and Consumer Protection in Selected European CompaniesDragomir, Voicu-Dan; Anghel (Ilcu), Elena Roxana
2011Research on Corporate Social Responsibility ReportingLungu, Camelia I.; Caraiani, Chiraţa; Dascălu, Cornelia
2011Cause-Related Marketing, Part of Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Influence upon Consumers' AttitudeAnghel, Laurentiu Dan; Grigore, Georgiana Florentina; Roşca, Mihai
2011Relative efficiency of higher education in Croatia and Slovenia: an international comparisonObadić, Alka; Aristovnik, Aleksander