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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Romania Foreign Trade in Global Recession, Revealed by the Extended Method of Exchange Rate IndicatorsSăvoiu, Gheorghe; Dinu, Vasile; Tăchiciu, Laurenţiu
2012Sustainability of the Organizational Changes in the Context of Global Economic CrisisAndroniceanu, Armenia; Drăgulănescu, Irina-Virginia
2012Strategic Directions for the Bucharest Strategy and City BrandŢapardel, Ana-Claudia; Alexe, Florin-Alexandru
2012Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship Through Public Services in the Madrid Region: Succesful AspectsFernández, M. Teresa Fernández; Martínez, Ana Fernández-Ardavín; Herrero, David Berenguer
2012Productivity of Services: an Explorative Study in the Electrical and Chemical Engineering SectorPetz, Andreas; Duckwitz, Sönke; Schmalz, Christina
2012Sustainability and Organizational ChangeSitnikov, Catălina
2012The Use of Internal Rating Models in Managing the Risks Related to the Exposures of Non-banking Financial InstitutionsDardac, Nicolae; Chiriac, Petronel; Moinescu, Bogdan
2012Information and Ecological Behaviour towards the Natural Resources Consumption of the Population of BucharestMarinescu, Paul; Burcea, Marin
2012Public and Public Utility Enterprises Restructuring: Statistical and Quantitative Aid for Ensuring Human Resource SustainabilityČudanov, Mladen; Jaško, Ondrej; Săvoiu, Gheorghe
2012The Effective Management of Municipal Real Property. The Question of Services for the Business Use of Real PropertyConstantin, Daniela Luminiţa; Drăguşin, Mariana; Petrescu, Raluca Mariana; Iosif, Alina Elena