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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Timing of Proactive Organizational Consulting: Difference between Organizational Perception and BehaviourAdizes, Ichak; Cudanov, Mladen; Rodic, Dusanka
2017The Impact of International Migration on the Labor Market – A Case Study from HungaryOláh, Judit; Halasi, György; Szakály, Zoltán; Popp, József
2017Responsible Consumption – Source of Competitive Advantages and Solution for Tourist ProtectionEpura, Gheorghe; Tescațiu, Bianca; Todor, Raluca Dania; Sasu, Karin-Andreea
2017Unemployment and the Migration of the Romanian Labour Force. Causes and EffectsStoian, Mirela; Lădaru, Georgiana-Raluca; Marin, Florian
2017The Three-Dimensional Approach of Total Quality Management, an Essential Strategic Option for Business ExcellenceAndroniceanu, Armenia
2017International Migration from Public Health Systems. Case of RomaniaPăunică, Mihai; Cosmina, Ileana; Ștefănescu, Aurelia
2017Development and Operationalization of a Model of Innovation Management System as Part of an Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety SystemMaier, Dorin; Sven-Joachim, Irmer; Fortmüller, Astrid; Maier, Andreea
2017Demographic Optimum in the Context of Migration. The German CasePohoaţă, Ion; Crupenschi, Vladimir-Mihai; Căriman, Gabriel
2017Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Romania: a Quantitative ApproachEnache, Calcedonia; Merino, Fernando
2017Exploring the Impact of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certification on Financial Performance: The Case of Companies listed on the Bucharest Stock ExchangeIonașcu, Mihaela; Ionașcu, Ion; Săcărin, Marian; Minu, Mihaela