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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Testing the Level of Alternative Institutions as a Slowdown Factor of Economic Development: the Case of MontenegroDraškovic, Mimo; Bauk, Sanja; Streimikiene, Dalia; Draskovic, Veselin
2017The Dangers of Dispersal of ResponsibilitiesBurlea, Adriana Schiopoiu; Remmé, Joop
2017Migration and Remittances Nexus: Economic Implications and AnalysisStrielkowski, Wadim; Šperková, Lenka; Jacek, Brożyna
2017The Analysis of Romania's External Migration and of the Causality between Remittances and Romania's Economic GrowthChirila, Viorica; Chirila, Ciprian
2017The Interdependence of Competition Policy, Consumer Policy and Regulation in Introducing and Safeguarding Effective Competition in the EU Telecommunications MarketBartels, Andreas; Pleșea, Doru Alexandru; Studeny, Michael; Just, Vanessa
2017Quality Management in Project Management Consulting. A Case Study in an International Consulting CompanyCeptureanu, Eduard-Gabriel; Ceptureanu, Sebastian-Ion; Luchian, Cristian-Eugen; Luchian, Iuliana
2017"Dialectical Contradictions" in the Neoclassical Theory and Policy Regarding Market Competition: The Consumer and His Continuos Burden of CrisisJora, Octavian-Dragomir; Hurduzeu, Gheorghe; Iacob, Mihaela; Crețan, Georgiana-Camelia
2017Study on the Development of Quality Measurements Models for Steering Business Services in Relation to Customer SatisfactionMarquardt, Katrin; Olaru, Marieta; Ceausu, Ioana
2017Competition Policy in the European Film Industry Focused on Consumers' Interests – a Romanian PerspectiveNistoreanu, Puiu; Dinca, Violeta Mihaela; Șchiopu, Andreea Fortuna
2017Towards Sustainability: Effective Operations Strategies, Quality Management and Operational Excellence in BankingTornjanski, Vesna; Marinković, Sanja; Jančić, Željka