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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016Sustainable Tourism, between social Responsibility and non-financial ReportingLupu, Nicolae
2016Intertemporal Substitution and Labour Supply of Bosnian SME'sŠabić-Lipovača, Ada; Strielkowski, Wadim; Bilan, Yuriy
2016Human Capital and Economic Growth - How Strong is the Nexus?Škare, Marinko; Lacmanovic, Sabina
2016The Convergent Evolution of Romania's Gross Domestic Product in Relation to the Average Macro-Economic Result of the European Union CountriesNecula, Raluca; Stoian, Mirela; Drăghici, Manea
2016Analysis Componentsof the Digital Consumer Behavior in RomaniaOnete, Cristian Bogdan; Teodorescu, Ioanal; Vasile, Viorel
2016Innovative Food Quality Models – Developed as an Interface for Modern Consumers and Sustainable BusinessPamfilie, Rodica; Bobe, Magdalena; Cristescu, Lavinia; Toma, Maria Alexandra
2016Socio-Professional Expectations on Master Students of the Bucharest University of Economic StudiesVoinea, Lelia; Stăiculescu, Camelia; Schileru, Ion
2016Selection of Employees with Disabilities – Has the Burden on the Employer Become too Heavy?Rabenu, Edna; Tziner, Aharon
2016The Effects of Tourism on the GDP of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia in the Process of European IntegrationČerović, Slobodan; Knežević, Miroslav; Pavlović, Danijel
2016Statistical Confrontation of the Evolution of Tourism in the North East Region in Comparison with the other Regions of RomaniaArionesei, Gabriela; Hapenciuc, Cristian-Valentin; Costea, Mihai