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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021On the relevance of values, norms, and economic preferences for electricity consumptionGroh, Elke D.; Ziegler, Andreas
2020Determinants of individual sustainable investment behavior - A framed field experimentGutsche, Gunnar; Wetzel, Heike; Ziegler, Andreas
2013Are German tourists environmental chameleons? A micro-econometric analysis of adaptation to climate changeSchwirplies, Claudia; Ziegler, Andreas
2015On the relevance of ideological identification and environmental values for beliefs and attitudes toward climate change: An empirical cross country analysisZiegler, Andreas
2015Offset carbon emissions or pay a price premium for avoiding them? A cross-country analysis of motives for climate protection activitiesSchwirplies, Claudia; Ziegler, Andreas
2018Heterogeneous preferences and the individual change to alternative electricity contractsZiegler, Andreas
2019Public attention to environmental issues and stock market returnsEl Ouadghiri, Imane; Guesmi, Khaled; Peillex, Jonathan; Ziegler, Andreas
2014Do Chinese individuals believe in global climate change and why? An econometric analysisDai, Jing; Kesternich, Martin; Löschel, Andreas; Ziegler, Andreas
2014On the interrelation between carbon offsetting and other voluntary climate protection activities: Theory and empirical evidenceLange, Andreas; Schwirplies, Claudia; Ziegler, Andreas
2012Is socially responsible investing really beneficial? New empirical evidence for the US and European stock marketsMollet, Janick Christian; Ziegler, Andreas