7th International Symposium "Agrarian Economy and Rural Development - Realities and Perspectives for Romania", Bucharest, 2016

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Analysis of the concentration in growth potential of organic agriculture at the level of EU Member StatesBabucea, Ana-Gabriela; Bǎlǎcescu, Aniela
2016 Abandoned land: A barrier for sustainable development of agriculture of the Republic of MoldovaLeah, Tamara
2016 Analysis on the situation of agricultural holdings in the context of the end of the first programming period (2007-2013)Micu, Ana-Ruxandra; Rebega, Dana; Gimbăşanu, Gabriela
2016 Integrated web systems as strategic solutions for (successfully) branding the rural boarding housesDinu Vasiliu, Codrin; Tanasă, Lucian; Brumă, Ion Sebastian
2016 Land reclamation policies and strategies: Historical review and prospectsLup, Aurel; Miron, Liliana; Alim, Indira Deniz
2016 Evolution of agrarian structures in RomaniaGavrilă, Viorica
2016 Reality and prospects of organic agriculture in Iraq and neighboring countriesAl Qaesi, Hussein Ali Hussein; Abbas, Abdulmuttaleb; El-Jubouri, Mohamed Dhary Yousif
2016 An overview on organic agriculture of Romania in the context of the current European development modelRodino, Steliana; Butu, Alina; Butu, Marian
2016 Economic efficiency of leased lands in Romania lease versus associationPetre, Ionut Laurenţiu; Dumitru, Eduard Alexandru
2016 Influence of the coupled support to the profitability of the vegetable crops sectorUrsu, Ana
2016 Determinant factors for the level and valorification of wheat production in the European UnionPop, Ruxandra-Eugenia
2016 Sensitivity of gross margin for field cropsDachin, Anca; Ursu, Ana
2016 Impact of subsidies in an agricultural exploitation of medium size from vegetable sectorŞurcǎ, Daniela-Elena
2016 Economic importance of ensuring the welfare for farm pigsMatache, Cristina-Stefania
2016 The production cost of biological material for introducing to fattening in the swine farmsChetroiu, Rodica
2016 The food balance dynamics of the poultry meatChetroiu, Rodica
2016 General overview over the Third Sector in Romania todayStanciu, Violeta
2016 Determining the technology influence of soy on the soil, production and economic efficiency on Turda areCheţan, Felicia; Cheţan, Cornel; Muresan, Felicia
2016 Analysis on the productivity of maize hybrids in 2016Dumitru, Eduard Alexandru; Micu, Ana-Ruxandra; Rebega, Dana
2016 Context of mutations within the Romanian agricultural sectorAlecu, Ioan-Niculae; Szabo, Gyorgy; Nagy, Caroly; Angelescu, Irina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 63