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Wilzcynska, Aleksandra
Batorski, Dominik
Torrent Sellens, Joan
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IN3 Working Paper Series DWP14-004
A number of empirical studies have shown a positive influence of employment stability on job satisfaction. Employment stability, usually measured by a proxy, "type of contract”, may affect one's job satisfaction directly, as well as through an impact on other relative variables, such as job security, as a stable position seem to bring individuals a sense of security. The aim of the research is to investigate the relationships between job security, employment stability and job satisfaction of workers in Poland. In the study, we strive to show how these factors impact differently the groups of knowledge workers and routine task workers. In order to conduct analysis, we propose a logistic model, with job satisfaction as a dependent variable and type of contract, job security, job character character as independent variables. Our main finding shows that job security is a major factor determining job saitsfaction, rather than a by-product of employment working arrangements. We also discovered that job satisfaction of knowledge workers is more influenced by job security.
Knowledge workers
job satisfaction
Employment flexibiliy
job security
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Working Paper

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