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2016 Why rapid urbanization process cannot improve employment absorption capacity of service industry in China – also on the interactive mode innovation between service industry development with urbanization under the background of transformation and upgradingZeng, Shi-hong; Xia, Jie-chang
2016 Non-performing loans (NPLs), liquidity creation, and moral hazard: Case of Chinese banksUmar, Muhammad; Sun, Gang
2016 Examining volatility spillover between Asian countries' stock marketsJebran, Khalil; Iqbal, Amjad
2016 China's spatial (dis)integration as a multiethnic paradox: what do the interprovincial data say?Guo, Rongxing
2016 Efficient scale of prefectural government in ChinaFukushige, Mototsugu; Shi, Yingxin
2016 The effect of nighttime trading of futures markets on information flows: evidence from ChinaFung, Hung-Gay; Mai, Liuqing; Zhao, Lin
2016 China's structural transformation: reaching potential GDP in the financial services sectorHsu, Sara; Simon, Alba Carolina Melchor
2016 China's transitioning class identityOsborne, Evan
2016 Status analysis and control measures of the debt risk in Chinese local government: based on the study of the relationship between “power, responsibility, and interests”Miao, Xiaolin
2016 Promoting the innovation of urbanization system in Western China from the perspective of public finance and taxationFu, Zhiyu; Yan, Wenhong
2015 Reforms to China's financial administration following the 16th CPC National CongressJia, Kang
2015 Understanding China's energy strategy and its sustained economic growth: present and futureShi, Dan
2015 The effects of China' s VAT enlargement reform on the income redistribution of urban householdsDu, Li
2015 Prospects for tax reform in China following the 18th CPC National CongressYang, Zhiyong
2015 How to tackle the slowdown of potential growth rate in China?Cai, Fang
2015 The size and structure of China's full-covered fiscal expenditureDehua, Wang
2015 China's structural adjustment from the income distribution perspectiveBai, Chong-en
2015 Conservation and efficient utilization of resources: a major indicator of China's economic transformationZhuoyuan, Zhang
2015 Chinese household consumption: how much is enough?Guo, Qingwang
2015 The coming fallout following China's “condensed development model” of economic growth and the transformation of China's mode of economic growthLiu, Shijin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31