BERG Working Paper Series, Universität Bamberg

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Exploiting ergodicity in forecasts of corporate profitabilityMundt, Philipp; Alfarano, Simone; Milaković, Mishael
2019 The Rationality BiasHagenhoff, Tim; Lustenhouwer, Joep
2019 Asymmetric competition, risk, and return distributionMundt, Philipp; Oh, Ilfan
2019 Autonomy of profit rate distribution and its dynamics from firm size measures: A statistical equilibrium approachOh, Ilfan
2019 Housing markets, expectation formation and interest ratesMartin, Carolin; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank
2019 Horizontal product differentiation with limited attentive consumersSaur, Marc P.; Schlatterer, Markus G.; Schmitt, Stefanie Yvonne
2019 Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower boundProaño Acosta, Christian; Lojak, Benjamin
2019 Low interest rates, bank's search-for-yield behavior and financial portfolio managementLojak, Benjamin; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Proaño Acosta, Christian
2019 The perks of being in the smaller team: Incentives in overlapping contestsMarch, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2019 The behavioral economics of artificial intelligence: Lessons from experiments with computer playersMarch, Christoph
2018 The stabilizing role of forward guidance: A macro experimentAhrens, Steffen; Lustenhouwer, Joep; Tettamanzi, Michele
2018 Fiscal stimulus in an expectation driven liquidity trapLustenhouwer, Joep
2018 Heterogeneous expectations and asset price dynamicsSchmitt, Noemi
2018 Steady states, stability and bifurcations in multi-asset market modelsDieci, Roberto; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank
2018 Interactions between stock, bond and housing marketsDieci, Roberto; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank H.
2018 An aggregate welfare optimizing interest rate rule under heterogeneous expectationsHagenhoff, Tim
2018 Preschoolers' self-regulation, skill differentials, and early educational outcomesQuis, Johanna Sophie; Bela, Anika; Heineck, Guido
2018 Regulating speculative housing markets via public housing construction programs: Insights from a heterogeneous agent modelMartin, Carolin; Westerhoff, Frank
2017 Fiscal consolidations and heterogeneous expectationsHommes, Cars H.; Lustenhouwer, Joep; Mavromatis, Kostas
2017 Market entry waves and volatility outbursts in stock marketsBlaurock, Ivonne; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 144
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