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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015Crowdsourcing in business and management disciplines: an integrative literature review
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 21, p. 1-19
Hossain, Mokter
2015What do small business owner-managers do? A managerial work perspective
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 19, p. 1-21
de Oliveira, Jair; Escriv√£o Filho, Edmundo; Nagano, Marcelo Seido; Ferraudo Sergio, Antonio; Rosim, Daniela
2015Modeling entrepreneurial decision-making process using concepts from fuzzy set theory
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 13, p. 1-21
Khefacha, Islem; Belkacem, Lotfi
2015Exploring the dynamics of network characteristics for Indian high technology entrepreneurial firms
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 12, p. 1-20
Bhushan, Bharat; Pandey, Sharadindu
2015Sustainable manufacturing practices in Malaysian automotive industry: confirmatory factor analysis
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 14, p. 1-13
Habidin, Nurul Fadly; Zubir, Anis Fadzlin Mohd; Fuzi, Nursyazwani Mohd; Latip, Nor Azrin Md; Azman, Mohamed Nor Azhari
2015The Effect of Psychological Capital on Innovation in Information Technology
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 8, p. 1-12
Ziyae, Babak; Mobaraki, Mohammad Hassan; Saeediyoun, Mozhgan
2015Impact of leadership role perspective on conflict resolution styles - a study on small and medium sized entrepreneurs of Karnataka State in India
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 4, p. 1-20
Karadakal, Neetha; Goud, Nagalingappa; Thomas, Princy
2015Antecedents of perceived entrepreneurial ability in Catalonia: the individual and the entrepreneurial context
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 3, p. 1-19
Bayon, Manoj Chandra; Vaillant, Yancy; Lafuente, Esteban
2015A conceptual study of immigrant born globals and their multinationalization process
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 2, p. 1-18
Qiu, Ranfeng; Gupta, Vipin
2015Savings, entrepreneurial trait and self-employment: evidence from selected Ghanaian Universities
In: volume: 5, 2015, issue: 1, p. 1-17
Peprah, James A.; Afoakwah, Clifford; Koomson, Isaac