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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023Social segregation, misperceptions, and emergent cyclical choice patternsMayerhoffer, Daniel; Schulz-Gebhard, Jan
2023Explaining the stylized facts of foreign exchange markets with a simple agent-based version of Paul de Grauwe's chaotic exchange rate modelMignot, Sarah; Westerhoff, Frank H.
2021Are some people more equal than others? Experimental evidence on group identity and income inequalityLustenhouwer, Joep; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Peña, Juan Carlos; Proaño Acosta, Christian
2023The impact of macroeconomic activity and yield valuation on mergers and acquisitions in EuropeRöhrer, Fabio E.G.; Proano, Christian R.; Mateane, Lebogang
2022Optimal and fair prizing in sequential round-robin tournaments: Experimental evidenceLauber, Arne; March, Christoph; Sahm, Marco
2020Poverty and limited attentionSchmitt, Stefanie Yvonne; Schlatterer, Markus G.
2020Heterogeneous speculators and stock market dynamics: A simple agent-based computational modelSchmitt, Noemi; Schwartz, Ivonne; Westerhoff, Frank H.
2022Boom-bust cycles and asset market participation waves: Momentum, value, risk and herdingDieci, Roberto; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank H.
2023Stress-testing inflation exposure: Systemically significant prices and asymmetric shock propagation in the EU28Ipsen, Leonhard; Aminian, Armin; Schulz-Gebhard, Jan
2022Production delays, supply distortions and endogenous price dynamicsDieci, Roberto; Mignot, Sarah; Schmitt, Noemi; Westerhoff, Frank H.