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Scherl, Hermann
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[Journal:] Zeitschrift für ArbeitsmarktForschung - Journal for Labour Market Research [ISSN:] 2510-5027 [Volume:] 37 [Year:] 2004 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 9-28
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In this paper a new typology is proposed for the empirical analysis of job supply proc-esses. On the basis of this a schema is developed for a 'job supply account' in which stock and flow values, differentiated according to the type of process are recorded fully and linked systematically. Available empirical data and empirically sound estimates for the supply of jobs in western Germany (the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany before reunification) in 2001 are then put into this schema and this is used to calculate the missing further data. It emerges that the suggested schema is well suited for making approximate calculations of missing data and for checking the consistency of individual data. The most remarkable finding of the calculation of stock and flow values of the job supply is that in western Germany in 2001 besides an estimated three to four million successful job offers there were approximately two million vacancies for which the search for manpower was ended without success. The vacancies that remained unfilled made up about three quarters of the stock of vacancies to be filled immediately, which in western Germany always exists in a magnitude of at least several hundred thousand vacancies. And only in about one third of all cases of a search for staff on the external job market was it possible to fill the job in good time without a vacancy period. This is followed by a discussion of which figures in the context of the suggested schema and the presented example of a calculation of stock and flow data for western Germany in 2001 are relevant for which issues regarding labour market diagnosis. Some of the data of the job supply account are very informative, especially for diagnosing the extent and the particular structure of 'mismatch-unemployment'.
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