Journal for Labour Market Research, Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung (IAB)

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2018 Unemployment among younger and older individuals: does conventional data about unemployment tell us the whole story?Axelrad, Hila; Malul, Miki; Luski, Israel
2018 A phenomenological study of business graduates' employment experiences in the changing economyCampbell, Throy Alexander
2018 Frequency of employer changes and their financial return: gender differences amongst German university graduatesWieschke, Johannes
2018 Martin Baethge ObituarySeeber, Susan
2017 The labor market for older workers in GermanySteiner, Viktor
2017 The impact of temporary employment on productivityLisi, Domenico; Malo, Miguel A.
2017 Modelling reallocation processes in long-term labour market projectionsMaier, Tobias; Neuber-Pohl, Caroline; Mönnig, Anke; Zik, Gerd; Kalinowski, Michael
2017 Identifying couples in administrative dataGoldschmidt, Deborah; Klosterhuber, Wolfgang; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2017 Imputation rules for the implementation of the pre-unification education variable in the BASiD Data SetGürtzgen, Nicole; Nolte, André
2017 Entry of men into the labour market in West Germany and their career mobility (1945-2008)Becker, Rolf; Blossfeld, Hans-Peter
2017 On the efficiency of school tracking: a perspective from outcomes in dual VET in SwitzerlandLatina, Joelle; Ramirez, José V.
2017 Integrating young male refugees: initial evidence from an inclusive soccer projectLange, Martin; Pfeiffer, Friedhelm; van den Berg, Gerard J.
2017 Small differences matter: how regional distinctions in educational and labour market policy account for heterogeneity in NEET ratesBacher, Johann; Koblbauer, Christina; Leitgöb, Heinz; Tamesberger, Dennis
2017 The duration of family-related employment interruptions - the role of occupational characteristicsBächmann, Ann-Christin; Gatermann, Dörthe
2017 Types of absence from work and wages of young workers with apprenticeship trainingKunze, Astrid
2017 Labor market reforms in Europe: towards more flexicure labor markets?Eichhorst, Werner; Marx, Paul; Wehner, Caroline
2017 The changing situation of labor market entrants in GermanyReinhold, Mario; Thomsen, Stephan
2017 The gender income gap and the role of family formation revisited: A replication of Bobbitt-Zeher (2007)Ochsenfeld, Fabian
2017 Labour force activity after 65: what explain recent trends in Denmark, Germany and Sweden?Larsen, Mona; Pedersen, Peder J
2016 The association between graduates’ field of study and occupational attainment in West Germany, 1980–2008Klein, Markus
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 318