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Jordan, Carsten
Drexl, Andreas
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Manuskripte aus den Instituten für Betriebswirtschaftslehre der Universität Kiel 343
The discrete lotsizing and scheduling problem with setup-times is transformed into a single-machine scheduling problem, denoted as batch sequencing problem, which integrates sequence-dependent setups as well. The relationship between the lotsizing and the batch sequencing problem is analyzed. The batch sequencing problem is solved with an enumerative algorithm which is accelerated through bounding and dominance rules. Computational results show that this algorithm solves even the special case of sequence-independent setups more efficiently than a procedure for the discrete lotsizing and scheduling problem which has been recently published.
Discrete Lotsizing And Scheduling
Batch Sequencing
Sequencing Algorithm
Bounding/ Dominance Rules
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Working Paper

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