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Nagano, Teppei
Baba, Naohiko
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ECB Working Paper 980
This paper attempts to extract market expectations about the Japanese economy and the BOJ’s policy stance from the yen yield curves augmented by money market interest rates, during the period from the end of the quantitative easing policy in March 2006. We use (i) the swap yield curves augmented by OIS interest rates (OIS/Swap), and (ii) the JGB yield curve augmented by FB/TB interest rates. First, using the Nelson-Siegel [1987] model, we estimate three latent dynamic factors, which can be interpreted as reflecting market expectations. Second, we investigate the relative importance of price discovery for each factor between OIS/Swap and FBTB/JGB, and find that the former has a more dominant role of price discovery for all factors. Third, we estimate the efficient price for each factor common to both yield curves using a time-series structural model, which enables us to decompose each factor into the efficient price and idiosyncratic factor.
overnight index swap
price discovery
structural time-series model
swap spread
yield curve
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Working Paper

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