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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009The role of psychological traits for the gender gap in full-time employment and wages: evidence from GermanyBraakmann, Nils
2009Product differentiation and profitability in German manufacturing firmsBraakmann, Nils; Wagner, Joachim
2009How does economic integration influence employment and wages in border regions? The case of the EU-enlargement 2004 and Germany's Eastern borderBraakmann, Nils; Vogel, Alexander
2009Labor market adjustments after a large import shock: evidence from the German clothing industry and the Multi-Fibre ArrangementBraakmann, Nils; Wagner, Joachim
2009The impact of the 2004 EU-enlargement on enterprise performance and exports of service enterprises in the German eastern border regionBraakmann, Nils; Vogel, Alexander
2009Product diversification and stability of employment and sales: first evidence from German manufacturing firmsBraakmann, Nils; Wagner, Joachim
2009Are there social returns to both firm-level and regional human capital? Evidence from German social security dataBraakmann, Nils
2009Other-regarding preferences, spousal disability and happiness evidence from German couplesBraakmann, Nils
2009The role of firm-level and regional human capital for the social returns to education: evidence from German social security dataBraakmann, Nils
2008Non scholae, sed vitae discimus!: the importance of fields of study for the gender wage gap among Germany university graduates during labor market entry and the first years of their careereBraakmann, Nils
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