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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000The impact of the euro on money and bond marketsSantillán, Javier; Bayle, Marc; Thygesen, Christian
2002The effective exchange rates of the euroBuldorini, Luca; Makrydakis, Stelios; Thimann, Christian
2004Understanding the impact of the external dimension on the euro area - trade, capital flows and other international macroeconomic linkagesAnderton, Robert; di Mauro, Filippo; Moneta, Fabio
2004Official dollarisation/euroisation - motives, features and policy implications of current casesWinkler, Adalbert; Mazzaferro, Francesco; Nerlich, Carolin; Thimann, Christian
2004Fair value accounting and financial stabilityEnria, Andrea; Cappiello, Lorenzo; Dierick, Frank; Grittini, Sergio; Haralambous, Andrew; Maddaloni, Angela; Molitor, Philippe; Pires, Fatima; Poloni, Paolo
2004Market dynamics associated with credit ratings - a literature reviewGonzalez, Fernando; Haas, François; Johannes, Ronald; Persson, Mattias; Toledo, Liliana; Violi, Roberto; Wieland, Martin; Zins, Carmen
2004Quality adjustment of European price statistics and the role for hedonicsAhnert, Henning; Kenny, Geoff
2004Measuring financial integration in the euro areaBaele, Lieven; Ferrando, Annalisa; Hördahl, Peter; Krylova, Elizaveta; Monnet, Cyril
2004The acceding countries’ strategies towards ERM II and the adoption of the euro - an analytical reviewBacké, Peter; Thimann, Christian; Arratibel, Olga; Calvo-Gonzalez, Oscar; Mehl, Arnaud; Nerlich, Carolin
2002Economic relations with regions neighbouring the euro area in the "Euro Time Zone"Mazzaferro, Francesco; Mehl, Arnaud; Sturm, Michael; Thimann, Christian; Winkler, Adalbert