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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Heterogeneous transmission mechanism: monetary policy and financial fragility in the euro areaCiccarelli, Matteo; Maddaloni, Angela; Peydró, José-Luis
2013Panel vector autoregressive models: a surveyCanova, Fabio; Ciccarelli, Matteo
2012Heterogeneity and cross-country spillovers in macroeconomic-financial linkagesCiccarelli, Matteo; Ortega, Eva; Valderrama, Maria Teresa
2011Cyclical fluctuations in the Mediterranean basinCanova, Fabio; Ciccarelli, Matteo
2015International spillovers in inflation expectationsCiccarelli, Matteo; García, Juan Angel
2013Financial shocks and the macroeconomy: heterogeneity and non-linearitiesHubrich, Kirstin; D’Agostino, Antonello; Cervená, Marianna; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Guarda, Paolo; Haavio, Markus; Jeanfils, Philippe; Mendicino, Caterina; Ortega, Eva; Valderrama, Maria Teresa; Valentinyiné Endrész, Marianna
2016Mending the broken link: heterogeneous bank lending and monetary policy pass-throughAltavilla, Carlo; Canova, Fabio; Ciccarelli, Matteo
2010Trusting the bankers: a new look at the credit channel of monetary policyCiccarelli, Matteo; Peydró, José-Luis; Maddaloni, Angela
2017Unconventional monetary policy and the anchoring of inflation expectationsCiccarelli, Matteo; García, Juan Angel; Montes-Galdón, Carlos
2019Introducing ECB-BASE: The blueprint of the new ECB semi-structural model for the euro areaAngelini, Elena; Bokan, Nikola; Christoffel, Kai; Ciccarelli, Matteo; Zimic, Srečko