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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017Profit-oriented scheduling of resource-constrained projects with flexible capacity constraintsSchnabel, André; Kellenbrink, Carolin; Helber, Stefan
2013Simultaneous production and maintenance planning for a single capacitated resource facing both a dynamic demand and intensive wear and tearWolter, Anja; Helber, Stefan
2013Scheduling resource-constrained projects with a flexible project structureKellenbrink, Carolin; Helber, Stefan
2014A hierarchical facility layout planning approach for large and complex hospitalsHelber, Stefan; Böhme, Daniel; Oucherif, Farid; Lagershausen, Svenja; Kasper, Steffen
2007Profit-oriented shift scheduling of inbound contact centers with skills-based routing, impatient customers, and retrialsHelber, Stefan; Henken, Kirsten
2014Quality- and profit-oriented scheduling of flexible resource-constrained projectsKellenbrink, Carolin; Helber, Stefan
2011Dynamic capacitated lot sizing with random demand and dynamic safety stocksHelber, Stefan; Sahling, Florian; Schimmelpfeng, Katja
2008Using linear programming to analyze and optimize stochastic flow linesHelber, Stefan; Schimmelpfeng, Katja; Stolletz, Raik; Lagershausen, Svenja
2008Solving a multi-level capacitated lot sizing problem with multi-period setup carry-over via a fix-and-optimize heuristicSahling, Florian; Buschkühl, Lisbeth; Tempelmeier, Horst; Helber, Stefan
2009Setting inventory levels of CONWIP flow lines via linear programmingHelber, Stefan; Schimmelpfeng, Katja; Stolletz, Raik