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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Innovation and communication media in virtual teams: An experimental studyGrözinger, Nicola; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Laske, Katharina; Schröder, Marina
2020France and Germany exceed Italy, South Korea and Japan in temperature-adjusted Corona proliferation: A quick and dirty Sunday morning analysisPuhani, Patrick A.
2022Population adjustment to asymmetric labour market shocks in India: A comparison to Europe and the United States at two different regional levelsBraschke, Franziska; Puhani, Patrick A.
2020Zur Relevanz von Ausstattungsunterschieden für Forschungsleistungsvergleiche: Ein Diskussionsbeitrag für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften in DeutschlandPüttmann, Vitus; Thomsen, Stephan L.; Trunzer, Johannes
2022The start of Yugoslavia's disintegration: Where borders cut commuting spheresHoffstadt, Martin
2022Promoting agroforestry in Rwanda: The effects of policy interventions derived from the theory of planned behaviourNoeldeke, Beatrice
2020The similarities in efficiency of universities and universities of applied sciences in Lower SaxonyStöver, Britta; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2020The long memory of equity volatility and the macroeconomy: International evidenceDräger, Lena; Nguyen, Duc Binh Benno; Prokopczuk, Marcel; Sibbertsen, Philipp
2021Culture as a hiring criterion: Systemic discrimination in a procedurally fair hiring processMeurs, Dominique; Puhani, Patrick A.
2020Testing for multiple structural breaks in multivariate long memory time seriesSibbertsen, Philipp; Wenger, Kai; Wingert, Simon