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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Comparative Analysis of the Nativity Wealth GapBauer, Thomas K.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.; Sinning, Mathias
2011Fall Risk Increasing Drugs: The Effect on Injuries of the Frail Elderly Estimated from Administrative DataBauer, Thomas K.; Lindenbaum, Katharina; Stroka, Magdalena A.; Ahrens, Susanne; Linder, Roland; Verheyen, Frank
2008Fiscal Effects of Minimum Wages – An Analysis for GermanyBauer, Thomas K.; Kluve, Jochen; Schaffner, Sandra; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2011Labor Market Effects of Immigration – Evidence from Neighborhood DataBauer, Thomas K.; Flake, Regina; Sinning, Mathias G.
2009Evaluating the Labor-Market Effects of Compulsory Military Service - A Regression-Discontinuity ApproachBauer, Thomas K.; Bender, Stefan; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2012Minimum Wages as a Barrier to Entry – Evidence from GermanyBachmann, Ronald; Bauer, Thomas K.; Kröger, Hanna
2012Does Money Burn Fat? – Evidence from a Randomized ExperimentAugurzky, Boris; Bauer, Thomas K.; Reichert, Arndt R.; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Tauchmann, Harald
2011The Economic Integration of Forced Migrants – Evidence for Post-War GermanyBauer, Thomas K.; Braun, Sebastian; Kvasnicka, Michael
2011Do Guns Displace Books? – The Impact of Compulsory Military Service on Educational AttainmentBauer, Thomas K.; Bender, Stefan; Paloyo, Alfredo R.; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2008WTP vs.WTA: Christmas Presents and the Endowment EffectBauer, Thomas K.; Schmidt, Christoph M.