Ruhr Economic Papers, RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung

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2020 Unconventional monetary policy and inflation expectations in the euro areaAßhoff, Sina; Belke, Ansgar; Osowski, Thomas
2020 Forecasting industrial production in Germany: The predictive power of leading indicatorsSchlösser, Alexander
2020 Effects of rural electrification on employment: A comment on Dinkelman (2011)Bensch, Gunther; Gotz, Gunnar; Peters, Jörg
2020 Growth prospects and the trade balance in advanced economiesBelke, Ansgar; Elstner, Steffen; Rujin, Svetlana
2020 Quality provision in competitive health care markets: Individuals vs. teamsHan, Johann; Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja; Vomhof, Markus
2020 Consequentiality, elicitation formats, and the willingness-to-pay for green electricity: Evidence from GermanyAndor, Mark Andreas; Frondel, Manuel; Horvath, Marco
2020 Palm oil and the politics of deforestation in IndonesiaCisneros Tersitsch, Marco Elías; Kis-Katos, Krisztina; Nuryartono, Nunung
2020 The Euro area imbalances narrative in a Franco-German perspective: The importance of the longer-run viewBelke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2020 Are the poor more impatient than the rich? Experimental evidence on the effect of (lab) wealth on intertemporal preferencesSiebert, Jan
2020 Pension incentives and labor supply: Evidence from the introduction of universal old-age assistance in the UKGiesecke, Matthias; Jäger, Philipp
2020 Are doctors better health ministers?Pilny, Adam; Rösel, Felix
2020 Governmental policies to reduce unemployment during recessions: Insights from an ABMBauermann, Tom
2020 Efficient Bayesian nonparametric hazard regressionKaeding, Matthias
2020 POSA: Policy implementation sensitivity analysisBauermann, Tom; Roos, Michael W. M.; Schaff, Frederik
2020 Cream skimming by health care providers and inequality in health care access: Evidence from a randomized field experimentWerbeck, Anna; Wübker, Ansgar; Ziebarth, Nicolas R.
2020 Macroeconomic effects of the anticipation and implementation of tax changes in Germany: Evidence from a narrative accountChristofzik, Désirée I.; Fuest, Angela; Jessen, Robin
2020 Regional composition of national house price cycles in the USPrüser, Jan; Schmidt, Torsten
2020 Coordination problems triggered by sunspots in the laboratorySiebert, Jan; Yang, Guanzhong
2020 Returns to formal, non-formal and informal training for workers at risk of automationZeyer-Gliozzo, Birgit
2020 Training, wages and a missing school graduation cohortDorner, Matthias; Görlitz, Katja
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 855
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