CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2017 The death of welfare economics: History of a controversyIgersheim, Herrade
2017 Optimum saving and growth: Harrod on dynamic welfare economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 First principles, fallibilism, and economicsHoover, Kevin D.
2017 Challenging Lucas: From overlapping generations to infinite-lived agent modelsAssous, Michä el; Duarte, Pedro Garcia
2017 A review of Alan Bollard's "A few hare's to chase: The economic life and times of Bill PhillipsHoover, Kevin D.
2017 Reincorporating Friedrich von Wieser and the concept of power into the Austrian research programKolev, Stefan
2017 A model to "make decisions and take actions"Halsmayer, Verena
2016 Ludwig von Mises and the "Ordo-interventionists": More than just aggression and contempt?Kolev, Stefan
2016 New perspectives on the Great Depression: A review essayTavlas, George S.
2016 Reassessing contemporary macroeconomics on methodological grounds: A Weberian approachGalbács, Peter
2016 Macroeconometric modeling as a "photographic description of reality" or as an "engine for the discovery of concrete truth"? Friedman and Klein on statistical illusionsPinzón-Fuchs, Erich
2016 Disequilibrium as the origin, originality, and ambivalences of Clower's microfoundations of monetary theoryPlassard, Romain
2016 Popper's "rationality principle" reconsideredPalacio-Vera, Alfonso; Ayala, Iván H.
2016 Wicksell, secular stagnation and the negative natural rate of interestBoianovsky, Mauro
2016 Allocating airport slots: The history of early applied experimental researchSvorenécík, Andrej
2016 Paul Samuelson, Robert. V. Roosa, and the economics of credit rationingAcosta, Juan C.A.
2016 Complexities of core-periphery relation: An analysis of the late Raúl PrebischBracarense, Natália
2016 Adam Smith, the patterns of foreign trade and the division of labour: A country as a Jack-of-all-trades rather than a specialistSchumacher, Reinhard
2016 What is extreme about Mises' extreme apriorism?Scheall, Scott
2016 A review of Andrés Álvarez and Juan Santiago Correa's (eds.) "Ideas y políticas económicas en Colombia durante el primer siglo republicano" (Ediciones Uniandes)Pinzón-Fuchs, Erich
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105
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