CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2017 The death of welfare economics: History of a controversyIgersheim, Herrade
2017 Challenging Lucas: From overlapping generations to infinite-lived agent modelsAssous, Michä el; Duarte, Pedro Garcia
2017 Optimum saving and growth: Harrod on dynamic welfare economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2017 A review of Alan Bollard's "A few hare's to chase: The economic life and times of Bill PhillipsHoover, Kevin D.
2017 Reincorporating Friedrich von Wieser and the concept of power into the Austrian research programKolev, Stefan
2017 A model to "make decisions and take actions"Halsmayer, Verena
2017 First principles, fallibilism, and economicsHoover, Kevin D.
2016 How Friedman and Schwartz became monetaristsLothian, James R.; Tavlas, George S.
2016 The Sidney Siegel tradition: The divergence of behavioral and experimental economics at the end of the 1980sSvorenécík, Andrej
2016 Macroeconometric modeling as a "photographic description of reality" or as an "engine for the discovery of concrete truth"? Friedman and Klein on statistical illusionsPinzón-Fuchs, Erich
2016 New perspectives on the Great Depression: A review essayTavlas, George S.
2016 Popper's "rationality principle" reconsideredPalacio-Vera, Alfonso; Ayala, Iván H.
2016 Allocating airport slots: The history of early applied experimental researchSvorenécík, Andrej
2016 Paul Samuelson, Robert. V. Roosa, and the economics of credit rationingAcosta, Juan C.A.
2016 What is extreme about Mises' extreme apriorism?Scheall, Scott
2016 Reassessing contemporary macroeconomics on methodological grounds: A Weberian approachGalbács, Peter
2016 A review of Andrés Álvarez and Juan Santiago Correa's (eds.) "Ideas y políticas económicas en Colombia durante el primer siglo republicano" (Ediciones Uniandes)Pinzón-Fuchs, Erich
2016 Ludwig von Mises and the "Ordo-interventionists": More than just aggression and contempt?Kolev, Stefan
2016 Disequilibrium as the origin, originality, and ambivalences of Clower's microfoundations of monetary theoryPlassard, Romain
2016 Complexities of core-periphery relation: An analysis of the late Raúl PrebischBracarense, Natália
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105
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