CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2020 What did it mean for Lucas to set up "useful" analogue systems?Galbács, Peter
2020 Karl Menger's unfinished biography of his father: New insights into Carl Menger's life through 1889Schumacher, Reinhard; Scheall, Scott
2020 Mont Pèlerin 1947Caldwell, Bruce
2020 Domar, expectations, and growth stabilizationBoianovsky, Mauro
2020 Voluminous, repetitive, and intractable: Samuelson on early development economicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2020 Uncertainty and the limits of marketsHirsch, Roni
2020 Hayek's treatment of legal positivismNientiedt, Daniel
2020 Whatever happened to history of science? How scholarship became politicized story-tellingStaddon, John Eric Rayner
2020 Paul Rosenstein-Rodan and the birth of development economicsAlacevich, Michele
2020 Science studies and economics: An informal historyWeintraub, Eliot Roy
2019 Paul Samuelson's ways to macroeconomic dynamicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Divergence and convergence: Paul Samuelson on economic developmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Setting up a long-term research project for economics at the Cowles Commission: The definition of theory as a mathematically and abstractly driven form of knowledgeOrozco Espinel, Camila
2019 Scientific knowledge as technical knowledge: MIT's economics department and the translation of fundamental research into applicationsOrozco Espinel, Camila
2019 The growth of the English rule of lawNedzel, Nadia E.
2019 The transformation of economic analysis at the federal reserve during the 1960sAcosta, Juan; Cherrier, Beatrice
2019 European economics and the early years of the "International Seminar on Macroeconomics"Goutsmedt, Aurélien; Renault, Matthieu; Sergi, Francesco
2019 An account of "the core" in economic theoryCogliano, Jonathan
2019 Adam Smith, anti-stoicBee, Michele; Paganelli, Maria Pia
2019 "I had always operated on the outside": A conversation with E. Roy Weintraub on the history of economics, science studies and academic moralsGiraud, Yann
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 175
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