CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2022 Geoffrey Colin Harcourt (1931-2021): A Cambridge economist from Down UnderBoianovsky, Mauro
2022 Richard Musgrave in Colombia: The art of tax reform in a developing countryDesmarais-Tremblay, Maxime
2022 Looking for a "genuine science of politics": William H. Riker and the game theoretical turn in political scienceDamiani, Gianluca
2022 Understanding the bitterness of Wassily Leontief: Intention and reception of input-output techniques, 1940s-1950sCarret, Vincent
2022 "Writing history as a way of life": The life and work of Margaret Garritsen de VriesLaskaridis, Christina
2022 Women and economics: New historical perspectivesChassonnery-Zaïgouche, Cléo; Forget, Evelyn L.; Singleton, John D.
2022 Thinking outside the circle: The Geistkreis and the Viennese "Kreis-Culture" in AmericaReiss-Sorokin, Ohad
2022 It's fundamental: Welfare theorems, market failures, and the turn from "public finance" to "public economics"Medema, Steven G.
2022 Debt diplomacy in the 1920s: The case of the French and Hellenic war debtsCarretta, Vincent
2022 Contested values: Economic expertise in the comparable worth controversy, USA, 1979-1989Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Cléo
2022 Bread and steel: Harcourt on the economic surplus, employment and distribution in two-sector economiesBoianovsky, Mauro
2022 Breaking free from the stability dogma: Samuelson and the multiplier-accelerator model over the yearsAssous, Michaël; Boianovsky, Mauro
2022 On "defunct economists" and the use of economic ideasMedema, Steven G.
2022 One man a committee does not make: Henry Manne, the AEA-AALS joint committee, and the struggle to institutionalize law and economicsGindis, David; Medema, Steven G.
2022 Investment planning and the input-output model in postwar EuropeCarret, Vincent
2022 Hayek and Schmitt on the "depoliticization" of the economyNientiedt, Daniel
2021 How economists ignored the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918-20Boianovsky, Mauro; Erreygers, Guido
2021 Who is (your) Geoff Harcourt? Afterword two on The ManCohen, Avi Jonathan
2021 Emigration with a pulled handbrake: Friedrich A. Lutz's internal MethodenstreitGrudev, Lachezar
2021 Simon Kuznets and Russia: An uneasy relationSyrquin, Moshé
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 219
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