CHOPE Working Papers, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

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2019 Models, truth, and analytic inference in economicsHoover, Kevin D.
2019 Adam Smith, anti-stoicBee, Michele; Paganelli, Maria Pia
2019 The growth of the English rule of lawNedzel, Nadia E.
2019 The transformation of economic analysis at the federal reserve during the 1960sAcosta, Juan; Cherrier, Beatrice
2018 Interviews: Some methodological and historiographical issues of oral sourcesJullien, Dorian
2018 New scope, new sources, new methods? An essay on contemporary scholarship in history of economic thought journals, 2016-2017Chassonnery-Zaïgouche, Cléo; Herfeld, Catherine; Pinzón-Fuchs, Erich
2018 Macroeconometric modeling and the SSRC's Committee on Economic Stability, 1959-1963Acosta, Juan; Pinzón-Fuchs, Erich
2018 Historiography of contemporary economicsWeintraub, Eliot Roy; Düppe, Till
2018 Practices of using interviews in history of contemporary economics: A brief surveyJullien, Dorian
2018 Under risk, over time, regarding other people: Language and rationality within three dimensionsJullien, Dorian
2018 Estimating rationality in economics: A history of statistical methods in experimental economicsVallois, Nicolas; Jullien, Dorian
2018 Replication in experimental economics: A historical and quantitative approach focused on public good game experimentsVallois, Nicolas; Jullien, Dorian
2018 The Brazilian connection in Milton Friedman's 1967 presidential address and 1976 Nobel lectureBoianovsky, Mauro
2018 Following artifactsHalsmayer, Verena
2018 An agenda without a plan: Robert E Lucas's trajectory through the public debateGoutsmedt, Aurélien; Guizzo, Danielle; Sergi, Francesco
2018 Karl Brunner's philosophy of science: Macroeconomics through the lens of logical empiricismHoover, Kevin D.
2018 Ignorance and the incentive structure confronting policymakersScheall, Scott
2018 On the method appropriate to Hayek studiesScheall, Scott
2018 Cambridge anticipations of the natural rate hypothesis? Robertson and Champernowne revisitedBoianovsky, Mauro
2018 From "what is new political economy" to "why is everything new political economy?"de Almeida, Rafael Galvão
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 147
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