Referierte Aufsätze von Forscherinnen und Forschern des Leibniz-Instituts für Agrarentwicklung in Transformationsökonomien (IAMO)

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 The emergence and proliferation of agroholdings and mega farms in a global contextHermans, Frans; Chaddad, Fabio; Gagalyuk, Taras; Senesi, Sebastián; Balmann, Alfons
2017 Agency costs and organizational architecture of large corporate farms: evidence from BrazilChaddad, Fabio; Valentinov, Vladislav
2017 Strategic role of corporate transparency: the case of Ukrainian agroholdingsGagalyuk, Taras
2017 Incentive provision to farm workers in post-socialist settings: evidence from East Germany and North KazakhstanPetrick, Martin
2016 The brink of poverty: Implementation of a social assistance programme in rural ChinaKuhn, Lena; Brosig, Stephan; Zhang, Linxiu
2014 The dynamics of food, alcohol and cigarette consumption in Russia during transitionHerzfeld, Thomas; Huffman, Sonya; Rizov, Marian
2014 How does land fragmentation affect off-farm labor supply: panel data evidence from ChinaJia, Lili; Petrick, Martin
2013 Rediscovering the Virgin Lands: Agricultural investment and rural livelihoods in a Eurasian frontier areaPetrick, Martin; Wandel, Jürgen; Karsten, Katharina
2013 Reversing the rural race to the bottom: an evolutionary model of neo-endogenous rural developmentPetrick, Martin
2013 Introduction to the Special Feature: Will the BRIC Decade Continue? The Role of Rural Areas and AgricultureBrosig, Stephan; Teuber, Ramona; Levkovych, Inna; Thiele, Rainer; Glauben, Thomas
2013 Environmental Impact of Foreign vs. Domestic Capital Investment in ChinaYang, Boqiong; Brosig, Stephan; Chen, Jianguo
2012 Consumer's stated trust in the food industry and meat purchasesDrescher, Larissa S.; de Jonge, Janneke; Goddard, Ellen; Herzfeld, Thomas
2012 Persistent Poverty in Rural China: Where, Why, and How to Escape?Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Rozelle, Scott; Wang, Xiaobing
2012 Why do farmers behave as they do? Understanding compliance with rural, agricultural, and food attribute standardsHerzfeld, Thomas; Jongeneel, Roel
2012 Common Agricultural Policy effects on dynamic labour use in agriculturePetrick, Martin; Zier, Patrick
2012 Farmgate Private Standards and Price Premium: Evidence From the GlobalGAP Scheme in Kenya's French Beans MarketingKariuki, Isaac Maina; Loy, Jens-Peter; Herzfeld, Thomas
2011 Cross-national adoption of private food quality standardsHerzfeld, Thomas; Drescher, Larissa S.; Grebitus, Carola
2011 The Turkish wheat market: spatial price transmission and the impact of transaction costsBrosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas; Götz, Linde; Weitzel, Enno-Burghard; Bayaner, Ahmet
2009 Persistence of full- and part-time farming in Southern ChinaBrosig, Stephan; Glauben, Thomas; Herzfeld, Thomas; Wang, Xiaobing
2007 Spatial market integration and the dynamics of transaction costs in the Chinese soy bean marketBrosig, Stephan; Weitzel, Enno-Burghard; Glauben, Thomas; Poghosyan, Tigran; Rozelle, Scott
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 20