27th European Regional ITS Conference, Cambridge (UK) 2016

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27th European Regional ITS Conference
Cambridge, UK, 7th – 9th September 2016

"The evolution of the north-south telecommunications divide: the role for Europe"

Worldwide telecommunications and Internet provide the integrated infrastructure used for the global sharing of information, economic and financial transactions in an integrated World economy. This shared availability of information also plays a key role in motivating and coordinating mass social phenomena such as economic and political migrations that are currently redefining integration policies in Europe. Moreover, migrant communities often maintain their internal social links through mobile social media, the diffusion of which is adding richness and complexity to emerging European identity.These macro social and economic phenomena rest on the existing worldwide information infrastructure, that has emerged from an initial public investment in the original Internet backbone and has, since then, evolved into a complex ever-changing information ecosystem, where traditional carriers, internet exchange points, mobile operators and content providers interconnect. The accessibility and affordability of this information infrastructure varies significantly between developed and developing countries and between rural and urban areas in Europe. The societal and economic implications of these information divides risk to create new barriers to participation and new forms of marginalisation in the world economy.The 27th European Regional ITS Conference aims to address these issues and their implications for Europe’s dynamic telecommunications market and to provide a forum where academics, policy makers, users and operators, can identify problems and suggest solutions to shape the future evolution of the European information infrastructure and its role in the wider world.

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2016 Low Latency Internet and Economic Growth: A Simultaneous ApproachLüdering, Jochen
2016 Estimating the value of mobile telephony in mobile network not-spotsLu, Hui; Rohr, Charlene; Burge, Peter
2016 Technological Diversification of ICT companies into the Internet of things (IoT): A Patent -based AnalysisSadowski, Bert; Nomaler, Onder; Whalley, Jason
2016 Supply-side measures for policy makers to promote mobile broadband coverageHoupis, George; Serdarevic, Goran; Vetterle, Jonas
2016 Would you like your Internet with or without video?Lehr, William; Sicker, Douglas
2016 Encouraging Dialogue with a Telecommunications Regulator when Penalties are at Risk: East is East, and West is West, and never the two shall meetJull, Kenneth; Schmidt, Stephen
2016 Does the usage of TV streaming on the Internet bring about new functions to the public service broadcaster? : Evidence from a randomized field experimentKuroda, Toshifumi; Kido, Daido; Ichikawa,Yoshiharu
2016 Broadband Adoption: Translating the Digital Divide Literature into Effective Government Policies and ActionsLevin, Stanford L.; Schmidt, Stephen; Scott, Graham
2016 Mobile Apps Making a Socio-Economic Impact for Managing Power at Underprivileged HomesJhunjhunwala, Ashok; Kaur, Prabhjot; Ramachandran, Anusha; Mannar, Sai Ram; Ramakrishnan, Mrinalini; Nagarajan, Sree Hari
2016 Analysis of the relation between a person's emotion and willingness to accept for leaks of personal data.Koguchi, Teppei; Jitsuzumi, Toshiya; Kasuga, Norihiro; Nakamura, Akihiro; Shishikura, Manabu
2016 What is the impact of ICT infrastructure and mobile phones in Rwanda on its aspirations to transform into a knowledge-based, middle-income economy? And what about the farmers?Lichtenstein, Jane
2016 Competing through e-skills: Luxembourg and its second level digital divideBinsfeld, Nico; Whalley, Jason; Pugalis, Lee
2016 Is competition just a question of numbers? An analysis of the impact of the entry of Free Mobile into the French mobile telecommunications marketBerne, Michel; Vialle, Pierre; Whalley, Jason
2016 Decentralization and confusion about the state of European telecoms: Perceptions versus reality in policy formation abroadRajabiun, Reza; Middleton, Catherine
2016 Mobile-only consumers arise from heterogeneous valuation of fixed servicesPetulowa, Marc; Liang, Julienne
2016 International policy benchmarking and Internet of Things Synthetic Ecosystem IndexPallás-Gozálvez, Javier-Anatole; Gijón, Covadonga
2016 Does the number or the composition of players matter on the mobile broadband markets? – Lessons from a benchmarking study of the large-screen mobile broadband prices in the European UnionPapai, Zoltan; Nagy, Peter; Papp, Bertalan
2016 Analysing the Impact of Smart City Networks in Telecommunications Regulation and Standardization: the Spanish CasePalomo-Navarro, Álvaro; Navío‐Marco, Julio; Martínez-Cespedes, Maria Luisa; Gil, Olga
2016 Does net neutrality work? The Dutch casevan Eijk, Nico
2016 Estimating call externalities in mobile telephonyCzajkowski, Mikołaj; Sobolewski, Maciej
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 62
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