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2018 Determinants of dividends among Indian firms: An empirical studyKumar, B. Rajesh; Sujit, K.S.
2018 The impact of macroeconomic policies on the growth of public health expenditure: An empirical assessment from the Indian statesBehera, Deepak Kumar; Dash, Umakant
2018 Inside the family firms: The impact of family and institutional ownership on executive remunerationJong, Ling; Ho, Poh-Ling
2018 Searching for a partner on the internet and analogous decision-making problemsMantell, Edmund H.
2018 Towards a paradigm on the valueTruong Hong Trinh
2018 Ownership structure and debt structure as determinants of discretionary accruals: An empirical study of PakistanIlmas, Farkhanda; Tahir, Samya; Asrar-ul-Haq, Muhammad
2018 Returns and volatility of water investmentsReza, Rajibur; Tularam, Gurudeo Anand; Li, Bin
2018 Exploration vs. acquisition of oil and gas reserves: Effect on stock returnsMisund, Bård; Li, Bin
2018 Testing capital structure theories using error correction models: Evidence from China, India, and South AfricaKannadhasan, M.; Thakur, Bhanu Pratap Singh; Gupta, C. P.; Charan, Parikshit
2018 The role of entrepreneurship in stimulating economic growth in developed and developing countriesDoran, Justin; McCarthy, Nóirín; O'Connor, Marie
2018 Cooperation in a common pool resource game: Strategic behavior and a sense of intimacyKumakawa, Takehisa
2018 Financial development and economic growth: Evidence from a panel of 16 African and non-African low-income countriesBist, Jagadish Prasad
2018 Mobile telephony, social networks and credit access: Evidence from MSMEs in KenyaMdoe, Idi Jackson; Kinyanjui, George Kariuki
2018 On accuracy of survey forecasts of US mortgage spreadBaghestani, Hamid
2018 Research on the relationship between relational capital and relational rentZhang, Li; Wang, Jiafure
2018 Capital budgeting practices by non-financial companies listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE)Al-Mutairi, Abduallah; Naser, Kamal; Saeid, Muna
2018 Assessing RTAs inter-regional trade enhancement in Sub-Saharan AfricaKagochi, John; Durmaz, Nazif
2018 An empirical exploration of relationships between official development assistance (ODA) and advances in water and sanitation subsectorsEl Khanji, Souha
2018 Could pension system make us happier?Shin, Inyong
2018 Analysing the macroeconomic drivers of stock market development in the PhilippinesHo, Sin-Yu; Odhiambo, N. M.
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 315