Journal of Contemporary Economic and Business Issues, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

ISSN: 1857-9108

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2018 Liquidity risk implications for market risk assessment in emerging marketsStanković, Jelena Z.; Petrović, Evica
2018 Empirical evaluation of weak-form efficient market hypothesis in Ugandan securities exchangeEmenike, Kalu O.; Joseph, Kirabo K. B.
2018 Kindleberger and macromangementDjogo, Marko; Vladusic, Ljubisa
2018 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Impact and correlation analysis based on trade and investment between Turkey and EU, and the USADural, Betül Yüce; Jahangir, S. M. Rashed
2018 On the question of economic growth necessity: Evaluation of efficient rates and maintance of stable dynamicsKabylinskii, Boris; Dmitriev, Andrey
2018 Key financial and nonfinancial measures for performance evaluation of foreign subsidiariesMashovic, Azemina
2018 Changes in the selection criteria of a management consultant in north-eastern hungary 2001-2016Tokár-Szadai, Ágnes
2018 The impact of job and communication satisfaction on the financial performance of a mid-sized companyRajković, Jelena; Terek, Edit; Magzan, Maésa; Ivin, Dragica; Nikolić, Milan
2018 The determinants of core inflation in the Republic of MacedoniaPetrovska, Magdalena; Nikolov, Misho
2018 How do parliamentary elections affect stock market volatility? Example from the Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovska, Aleksandra
2018 The role on intellectual capital and its accounting recognition and measurementMinovski, Zoran; Jancevska, Ivana
2018 Comparative advantages of wine in function of territorial marketing strategyBoshkovska, Nadica Jovanovska
2017 Factors of growth for the biggest Hungarian firmsJuhász, Péter
2017 Different measures, different trends: Contradictions in macro and micro level growth measuresJuhász, Péter; Váradi, Kata; Száz, János; Vidovics-Dancs, Ágnes
2017 The impact of dividend policy on share price volatility in the Macedonian stock marketMladenoska, Aleksandra
2017 Non-performing loans and profitability indicators: The case of the Republic of MacedeniaJolevski, Ljube
2017 Subnational regional competitiveness: Analysis of Hungarian manufacturing firmsJuhász, Péter
2017 The interdependent relationship between the types of investments and income in Republic of MacedoniaMojanoski, Goran; Georgievski, Marko; Mitevski, Viktor; Stojkoski, Viktor
2017 Intellectual property rights knowledge and awareness: Academic level empirical analysis and recommendationsPopova, Kristina; Nacka, Marina
2017 Wich currency is best for business in a small country?Dilger, Alexander
Publikationen (sortiert nach Titel in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 53