Journal of Contemporary Economic and Business Issues, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje

ISSN: 1857-9108

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Changes in the selection criteria of a management consultant in north-eastern hungary 2001-2016Tokár-Szadai, Ágnes
2018 The determinants of core inflation in the Republic of MacedoniaPetrovska, Magdalena; Nikolov, Misho
2018 Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Impact and correlation analysis based on trade and investment between Turkey and EU, and the USADural, Betül Yüce; Jahangir, S. M. Rashed
2018 Empirical evaluation of weak-form efficient market hypothesis in Ugandan securities exchangeEmenike, Kalu O.; Joseph, Kirabo K. B.
2018 Liquidity risk implications for market risk assessment in emerging marketsStanković, Jelena Z.; Petrović, Evica
2018 Comparative advantages of wine in function of territorial marketing strategyBoshkovska, Nadica Jovanovska
2018 Key financial and nonfinancial measures for performance evaluation of foreign subsidiariesMashovic, Azemina
2018 The role on intellectual capital and its accounting recognition and measurementMinovski, Zoran; Jancevska, Ivana
2018 On the question of economic growth necessity: Evaluation of efficient rates and maintance of stable dynamicsKabylinskii, Boris; Dmitriev, Andrey
2018 Kindleberger and macromangementDjogo, Marko; Vladusic, Ljubisa
2018 The impact of job and communication satisfaction on the financial performance of a mid-sized companyRajković, Jelena; Terek, Edit; Magzan, Maésa; Ivin, Dragica; Nikolić, Milan
2018 How do parliamentary elections affect stock market volatility? Example from the Republic of MacedoniaTrajkovska, Aleksandra
2017 Factors of growth for the biggest Hungarian firmsJuhász, Péter
2017 Non-performing loans and profitability indicators: The case of the Republic of MacedeniaJolevski, Ljube
2017 The interdependent relationship between the types of investments and income in Republic of MacedoniaMojanoski, Goran; Georgievski, Marko; Mitevski, Viktor; Stojkoski, Viktor
2017 Analysis of sectors on Nigeria stock market: Evidence from correlation, serial correlation, and heteroscedasticityEmenike, Kalu O.
2017 Wich currency is best for business in a small country?Dilger, Alexander
2017 Subnational regional competitiveness: Analysis of Hungarian manufacturing firmsJuhász, Péter
2017 Intellectual property rights knowledge and awareness: Academic level empirical analysis and recommendationsPopova, Kristina; Nacka, Marina
2017 The impact of dividend policy on share price volatility in the Macedonian stock marketMladenoska, Aleksandra
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53