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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2024Democracy Doesn’t Always Happen Over Night: Regime Change in Stages and Economic GrowthBoese-Schlosser, Vanessa; Eberhardt, Markus
2023When to Not Respond in Kind? Individuals’ Expectations of the Future and Their Support for Reciprocity in Foreign PolicyKiratli, Osman Sabri; Ertan, Sabri Arhan
2023How communication makes the difference between a cartel and tacit collusion: A machine learning approachAndres, Maximilian; Bruttel, Lisa; Friedrichsen, Jana
2023The Effect of Marital Name Choices on Heterosexual Women’s and Men’s Perceived Quality as Romantic PartnersKelley, Kristin
2023The mobilisation potential of anti-containment protests in GermanyHunger, Sophia; Hutter, Swen; Kanol, Eylem
2023Impact of the COVID‐19 Pandemic on Religiosity: Evidence from GermanyKanol, Eylem; Michalowski, Ines
2023Regime Transformation From Below: Mobilization for Democracy and Autocracy From 1900 to 2021Hellmeier, Sebastian; Bernhard, Michael
2023Communicating in an eventful campaign: A case study of party press releases during the German federal election campaign 2021Ivanusch, Christoph; Zehnter, Lisa; Burst, Tobias
2023Home Alone: Widows’ Well-Being and TimeAdena, Maja; Hamermesh, Daniel; Myck, Michał; Oczkowska, Monika
2023Rethinking paid domestic services in modern societies – Experimental evidence on the effect of quality and professionalisation on service demandNisic, Natascha; Molitor, Friederike; Trübner, Miriam
2023How Do Populist Radical Right Parties Differentiate their Appeal? Evidence from the Media Strategy of the Hungarian Jobbik PartyBorbáth, Endre; Gessler, Theresa
2023Cleavage politics, polarisation and participation in Western EuropeBorbáth, Endre; Hutter, Swen; Leininger, Arndt
2023Trading Liberties: Estimating COVID-19 Policy Preferences from Conjoint DataHartmann, Felix; Humphreys, Macartan; Geissler, Ferdinand; Klüver, Heike; Giesecke, Johannes
2023Constitutional Review as a Democratic InstrumentKovács, Kriszta; Tóth, Gábor Attila
2023[Book review] Oliver Schlenkrich. 2021. Origin and performance of democracy profilesHellmeier, Sebastian
2023The socio-spatial distribution of migrants in German cities between 2014 and 2017Jähnen, Stefanie; Helbig, Marcel
2023The Long Arm and the Iron Fist: Authoritarian Crackdowns and Transnational RepressionDukalskis, Alexander; Furstenberg, Saipira; Hellmeier, Sebastian; Scales, Redmond
2023Disease and prejudice: risk attribution to ethno-racial groups over the course of a pandemicBogatzki, Tamara; Glaese, Jana Catalina; Stier, Julia
2023Imagining Life Beyond a Crisis: A Four Quadrant Model to Conceptualize Possible FuturesPower, Séamus A.; Schaeffer, Merlin; Heisig, Jan P.; Udsen, Rebecca; Ordóñez-Bueso, Liisalotte; Morton, Thomas
2023From masks to mismanagement: A global assessment of the rise and fall of pandemic-related protestsHellmeier, Sebastian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1018