Zeitschriftenaufsätze von WZB-Forschenden / Articles by WZB researchers

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Note: Older peer-reviewed articles by WZB researchers (up to 2010) can be found on EconStor in the WZB collection "WZB OA 1000+: Articles and Chapters / Aufsätze aus Zeitschriften, Büchern und sonstigen Publikationen".

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 To accept or not to accept: Level of moral concern impacts on tolerance of Muslim minority practicesHirsch, Magdalena; Verkuyten, Maykel; Yogeeswaran, Kumar
2019 Equal Performance of Minority and Majority Coalitions? Pledge Fulfilment in the German State of NRWMatthieß, Theres
2019 EU politicization and policy initiatives of the European Commission: the case of consumer policyRauh, Christian
2019 Why You Should Always Include a Random Slope for the Lower-Level Variable Involved in a Cross-Level InteractionHeisig, Jan Paul; Schaeffer, Merlin
2019 Becoming part of the gang? Established and nonestablished populist parties and the role of external efficacyKrause, Werner; Wagner, Aiko
2019 International authority and the emergency problematique: IO empowerment through crisesKreuder-Sonnen, Christian
2019 Individual and household in-work poverty in Europe: understanding the role of labor market characteristicsFilandri, Marianna; Struffolino, Emanuela
2019 Wearable Computing im Betrieb gestalten: Rolle und Perspektiven der Lösungsentwickler im Prozess der ArbeitsgestaltungEvers, Maren; Krzywdzinski, Martin; Pfeiffer, Sabine
2019 Smash the Paywalls: Workflows und Werkzeuge für den grünen Weg des Open AccessBlasetti, Alessandro; Golda, Sandra; Göhring, Dominic; Grimm, Steffi; Kroll, Nadin; Sievers, Denise; Voigt, Michaela
2019 Landscapes of unrest: Herbert Giersch and the origins of neoliberal economic geographyPlehwe, Dieter; Slobodian, Quinn
2019 The Religious Foundations of the European CrisisHien, Josef
2019 How Do Professions Globalize? Lessons from the Global South in US Medical EducationHanrieder, Tine
2019 Politicizing Europe in times of crisisHutter, Swen; Kriesi, Hanspeter
2019 Failure through Success: Co-construction Processes of Imaginaries (of Participation) and Group DevelopmentFroese, Anna; Mevissen, Natalie
2019 Does Gender Top Family Ties? Within-Couple and between-Sibling Sharing of Elderly CareLuppi, Matteo; Nazio, Tiziana
2019 Destination as a process: Sibling similarity in early socioeconomic trajectoriesKarhula, Aleksi; Erola, Jani; Raab, Marcel; Fasang, Anette
2019 The pervasive effects of timing of parental mental health disorders on adolescent deliberate self-harm riskHu, Nan; Taylor, Catherine L.; Glauert, Rebecca A.; Li, Jianghong
2019 Authority, politicization, and alternative justifications: endogenous legitimation dynamics in global economic governanceRauh, Christian; Zürn, Michael
2019 Declaring and Diagnosing Research DesignsBlair, Graeme; Cooper, Jasper; Coppock, Alexander; Humphreys, Macartan
2019 La gran dama: Science Patronage, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Mexican Social Sciences in the 1940sMorcillo Laiz, Álvaro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 270