Zeitschriftenaufsätze von WZB-Forschenden / Articles by WZB researchers

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Note: Older peer-reviewed articles by WZB researchers (up to 2010) can be found on EconStor in the WZB collection "WZB OA 1000+: Articles and Chapters / Aufsätze aus Zeitschriften, Büchern und sonstigen Publikationen".

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The aggregation challengeHumphreys, Macartan; Scacco, Alexandra
2020 It’s no longer the economy, stupid! Issue yield at the 2017 German federal electionFranzmann, Simon T.; Giebler, Heiko; Poguntke, Thomas
2020 Retrospective pledge voting: A comparative study of the electoral consequences of government parties’ pledge fulfilmentMatthieß, Theres
2020 Who is really ‘left behind’? Half a century of gender differences in the school-to-work transitions of low-educated youthStruffolino, Emanuela; Borgna, Camilla
2020 Auf den Spuren eines Politikfeldes: Die Institutionalisierung von Internetpolitik in der MinisterialverwaltungHösl, Maximilian; Kniep,Ronja
2019 Do hiring practices penalize women and benefit men for having children? Experimental evidence from GermanyHipp, Lena
2019 When Do Companies Train Low-Skilled Workers? The Role of Institutional Arrangements at the Company and Sectoral LevelWotschack, Philip
2019 Macht HR Führung weiblich? Personalmanagement kann eine Schlüsselrolle bei der Besetzung von Toppositionen spielenGiertz, Jan-Paul; Scholz, Robert; Wing, Lisa
2019 Gender differences in the choice of field of study and the relevance of income information. Insights from a field experimentFinger, Claudia; Solga, Heike; Ehlert, Martin; Rusconi, Alessandra
2019 Can the Government Deter Discrimination? Evidence from a Randomized Intervention in New York CityFang, Albert H.; Guess, Andrew M.; Humphreys, Macartan
2019 The effect of emotion regulation on risk-taking and decision-related activity in prefrontal cortexMorawetz, Carmen; Mohr, Peter N. C.; Heekeren, Hauke R.; Bode, Stefan
2019 Governing effectively in a complex world? How metagovernance norms and changing repertoires of knowledge shape international organization discourses on institutional order in global healthPantzerhielm, Laura; Holzscheiter, Anna; Bahr, Thurid
2019 Shifting Welfare Policy Positions: The Impact of Radical Right Populist Party Success Beyond Migration PoliticsKrause, Werner; Giebler, Heiko
2019 Appearing moderate or radical? Radical left party success and the two-dimensional political spaceKrause, Werner
2019 Untapped potential: How the G20 can strengthen global governanceBenson, Robert; Zürn, Michael
2019 Die Idee Europas ist in Lebensgefahr: Wie die EU sozial gestärkt und ihre internationale Rolle gefestigt werden kannSchmid, Günther
2019 Response to Reviews of New Worlds of WorkJürgens, Ulrich; Krzywdzinski, Martin
2019 Party Facts: A database of political parties worldwideDöring, Holger; Regel, Sven
2019 GLAMbox: A Python toolbox for investigating the association between gaze allocation and decision behaviourMolter, Felix; Thomas, Armin W.; Heekeren, Hauke R.; Mohr, Peter N. C.
2019 „Hands-on“ und „connecting tissue“ - Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken und Digitalisierung in den USADroß, Patrick J.; Höhne, Silvia; Naujoks, Julian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 395