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Leyva Morales, Carlos Enrique
Caro Encalada, Manuel Jesús
Estrella Escalante, Carlos Alberto de Fátima
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[Journal:] Atlantic Review of Economics [ISSN:] 2174-3835 [Volume:] 2 [Year:] 2012
Abstract (Translated): 
It assesses the efficiency of the drinking water system for the station of Pisté, Yucatán; analyzing solution alternatives and determining the desirability of making the respective expansion and improvement projects. The work was based on the elaboration of a logical framework matrix of the alternative which resulted from the combination of the projects that address the problems identified which was analyzed in accordance with the theoretical framework of the socio-economic evaluation of drinking water projects proposed by the Studies Center for the preparation and socio-economic evaluation of projects (1977). Calculations of the evaluation were carried out by applying the principles proposed by Iturri (2009) and Gala (2004) with net flows to compare costs and legitimately attributable to the alternatives proposed benefits. It was found that, the evaluation shows that the poorest people of Piste (83 families where isn't the drinking water network) is that pays higher costs to obtain water for consumption ($ 15.07 per cubic meter of water); with the project these inhabitants would pay $2.45 per cubic meter. For its population the more cost-effective alternative from the social point of view, is to carry out jointly the expansion of the distribution network and the construction of the elevated tank, as the profitability of the project indicators reveal a net present value of $67,975 with an Internal rate of Social return of 13.01%, ensuring a service of continuous supply (of 100 lt/hab./day from 2009 until the year 2028). And that the project will have to incorporate the component of the pricing of the service, given that this benefits increase at a 33.88%, due to not waste water, nor propelled the clandestine connections.
system of drinking water
socio-economic evaluation
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