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Cordes, Alexander
Gehrke, Birgit
Römisch, Roman
Rammer, Christian
Schliessler, Paula
Wassmann, Pia
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ZEW-Gutachten und Forschungsberichte
[Introduction ...] Overall, this report is structured as follows: the next chapter (2) briefly outlines the relevance of regional trade indicators for determining the competitiveness of a region. In chapter 3, the methodology for the calculation of regional trade performance indicators is introduced, and the elementary results are described. Chapter 4 presents an econometric analysis relating key regional characteristics to international success of local industries. Based upon the regional distribution of comparative advantages, chapter 5 reports the results of ten regional case studies. Finally, chapter 6 summarises the results and provides policy implications.
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Prepared for: European Commission - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
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Research Report
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